Kevin`s invitationand that’s how it all began.. hehehe..

well, i must say, i was pretty much a writer-wanna-be then, but ever since i entered the college life, time seemed to be more important to balance than my allowance. 😀

and ever since i turned to this mature lady [yeah right] life just went deeper and deeper that made me out of words, in describing feelings, days and even moments and memories. and i thought to myself to never write them in words or like have a memoir of such fantastic/hurtful moments, because i might just thrash the thought. ever since then, i never wrote a single poem, a story and had even stop keeping a diary.

impacts in my life was just way too precious to put into words. and i wouldn’t want to murder such memory. in shorter terms, i lost my touch upon expressing myself through words. and all that happened, when he came along.

ha!! and i thought this was just gonna be some lame introduction. 😀 i guess, i went a ‘lil bit far huh?!.. 😀 well, i’m glad to be here. let me consider this as my come back in the world of words. hope i do good!