The National Teachers Day is usually celebrated all-together by all schools and universities in the Philippines on a specific date (February 18, if I heard the EMCEES correctly). But the people at the PWC held on to their unique tradition and culture by celebrating our very own Teachers Day during the feast of hearts or the Valentines Day. Since the Valentines day is scheduled for the 14th February which is a Saturday; and tomorrow we are having no classes nor school at all, there is no better time to do so rather than this afternoon.

My party prepared for another lazy and boring afternoon which they have been truly really corrected about. It was a awesome time, students from the grade school up to the senior graduating class of the high school department had a smile on their faces as we all together as one celebrated an event that was pretty memorable to both the student body and faculty alike.

Some sang, others danced, we simply had a good time off from the educational point of view, off from the usual problems we encounter within the limited walls of our classrooms, the community came together happily for this very celebration and for the celebration of the Valentines Day in a more silent and quiet.

Even I enjoyed the program, but it ain’t only be the program that has made this day a good one for me. I always believe that doing something ahead of time is better than doing it late. So since today was my only chance to offer a rose to my crush, I had no other choice but to do so on this very day, even if I was short on financial resources. I was happy, because she also appeared to be happy by the little item of appreciation that I have given her. ^^,)

I know my words sound very simple and the poverty of my vocabulary ain’t fit the happiness that I have seen within the boundaries of my school community that had a good time on this Teachers Day celebration; I if even can’t aid my statements with pictures but let me reassure you once again that this was really one very happy day that our teachers have enjoyed.

It is hard to be a teacher, even if it sometimes appears so easy to handle a class. It’s not like you’re in a show business where the people get paid for their work and see is as their work only. Being a teacher is something different and requires dedication and hard work to what you are doing. Let’s all give this day to all our teachers who strive hard to make us better students and thereby better inhabitants of the Philippines (and for those who are not Filipino, better citizen of the respective country you are coming from).


Note: PWC of Davao High School Unit will have no classes tomorrow Friday, February 13, 2009.