In disbelief I have to share these words of a member of the De La Salle University.. The Ateneo de Manila Community might have showed off their excellence in terms of basketball, but their aftermath behavior suggests otherwise. Before I involve too many personal lines, let’s proceed with a email sent to one of our forum members.

Ateneans, we understand that you need to have fun and to quell your pain to have another championship party Ateneo bonfire because your last championship was 6 years ago so we’re giving it to you. We’ve got no problem with that. Asides, there is always next year for all of the other teams to bounce back so go on, have your victory party. But please don’t take it too personal to a point that you will burn the names of our team’s players, management and staff. We don’t usually take it into offense that you refer to us in a playful way but if you are going to burn the names of the people who make up the De La Salle Green Archers, you might as well have the balls to burn our names.

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