For a change, I’m going to blog about a day at Pinoy Teens today 🙂

A bit of a surprise that the day has started early for me today… I’d usually just stay asleep ‘til around past nine, yet it’s just 7:20 in the morning and I’ve already taken my breakfast. Here we go with my unique write up of a day at Pinoy Teens HQ!

Breakfast time at Pinoy Teens HQ

I have to admit that I forgot about this post and just recalled it after we had breakfast. Don’t wonder why the table is empty! Haha!

Princess and my dad are the two people pictured above. Aside from those two, there’s of course my mother who joins us at breakfast. All in all, there are four of us. It should’ve been five, but our maid went home for her Christmas/New Year vacation.

Breakfast at PT HQ starts usually a bit early, sometimes too early for my taste. I so badly wanted to stay asleep, but here I am, writing this post now! Zzzzz!

Like I said, it’s still a bit early for me right now, but anyways…

8AM – 10AM: The day Starts at Pinoy Teens

It’s around 8-10 when I can convince myself out of bed. I’d end up lying there for another hour or so, after which I’m going to take a bath and then head to my Mac not to blog, but to Plurk!

Just my usual morning routine on Plurk, searching for “morning” and responding to as many Plurkers as possible with “Good Morning (wave)” 😀

It can be a bit tedious, but it can also be a lot of fun because I usually make at least 1 new friend each day through it. It’s a really cool way to get connected with fellow people across the web. Imaging how spammy I would look if I’d tweet each and everyone out there that I could find with “Good Morning.” XD

Some Good Time, Before Crunch Time

After my 30 minutes to 1 hour escapade on Plurk, I usually end up texting for a while. Nokia 1280 for my Smart friends, and my precious christmas gift to myself, the Galaxy Y for my friends from the Globe side of things. It’s around past eleven now, and still no “blogging” in sight!

So, when does blogging come into play?

The art of blogging has become more of a tedious task, to be honest. I’ve really lost touch with blogging, just like I noted in multiple occasions by now.

It hasn’t totally gone out of my workflow though. It’s still a solid part of my day to day activities, or should I say weekly, rather, since I’m writing about 2-3 posts per week only. Back then, I used to get around 15 per week out, some of them of decent quality, others just plain generic content. The difference now? Even though I’m writing less and less, the quality hasn’t improved much either. Boo!

(Sometimes) Blogging On

Lunch happens at around 12:15PM here at Pinoy Teens. After which I usually manage to write a lot of drafts… literally hundreds of them have never seen the light of day [made it to the blog] because I feel like their quality is subpar and that the content of them is very uninteresting. Writing is not the problem here, I write a lot, but it’s what I’m writing about that truly nags me!

This is pretty much my workspace. Oh yeah. The only beautiful thing on the desk is my Macbook Pro which I bought in Christmas 2009. Next to it is my old NEO Vivid 2121. Even though that notebook totally sucks, it’s a bit ironic that I’ve earned more money with the ‘ol Neo than with my Macbook Pro.

Lot of temptations are in the air with this one. Whenever I feel being productive I usually end up playing Real Racing 2 or GTA San Andreas, or just watching a movie.

It was a lot worse before, because I used to play FIFA12 and The Sims 3 on it… yet for some odd reasons, it’s just not working anymore. Doh!

Some Technical Goodies

It only seems just to show you my Work Desktop as well.

That’s pretty much everything I need to publish content right now.

  • Chrome/Safari
  • Mars Edit
  • Omnifocus
  • and the occasional upbeat music from my iTunes library.

My dock usually sports the following apps:

  • Finder
  • Mail
  • Omnifocus (GTD)
  • Omnioutliner Pro
  • iTunes
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • ByWord/IA Writer/Ommwriter (depending on my mood)
  • Mars Edit (quick access to post drafts across all blogs)
  • VMWare Fusion (for my Programming class)
  • Activity Monitor (to check on my RAM usage)
  • Coolbook Controller (avoid my Mac to overheat, my fans are broke)
  • Transmission (ehem)
  • Evernote (to sync notes I make on my Galaxy Y)
  • Aperture
  • GTA: San Andreas
  • Real Racing 2

How I start with a blog post.

Blog posts of mines usually start being an idea that I have on the road or when I’m doing nothing. If I’m not too lazy, those ideas usually turn into decent articles. That’s if I’m able to capture that idea and put them on paper or on Evernote to sync to my Mac for later use. Whenever I have spare time (and I feel to blog) I browse through all those ideas and pick the one that I’m most interested in and which I believe has the most likelihood to be read and commented on.

I’m not really following suit my workflow anymore, but I’ll get there again this 2012!

Another way for me to get started with an article are ideas from the various blogs I am subscribed to in Google Reader, or just something like many bloggers do, going with the trend and writing about what’s going on in society at the moment. I could’ve written about the death of a certain actor right now, but decided to pass on it for now.

There are a lot of other things that I’m doing as well, things that are actually of use. Hehe. I’m hosting several sites aside from my own couple of domains that I have. The most prominent of them is Olan’s The Travel Teller which is hosted on the same server as Pinoy Teens, Student Blogger and my newly acquired You know, just the typical stuff of updating themes, plugins and WordPress, as well as optimizing the databases across all sites.

How about you? How do you start your day on your blog and what do you do on daily basis with it? 😀

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