There are some people who can’t pull down their pride, which led to several small debates across Plurk, Facebook and this very blog regarding my opinion, or should I say my questions that I left in a earlier post of mine regarding the Mindanao Blogger Summit III in Cagayan de Oro last weekend. If you think that there is nothing good that I took from it, then you are wrong, because there are more than five things that I can take as a lesson from the summit that I may have not learned anywhere else.

  • Davao City is my very home.

And nothing, but the MBSCDO made me realize this more. There have been times when I went to Manila that the traffic piled up along the streets made me miss Davao more than anything and made me say that I’ll never complain about the traffic back in Davao. My first and only visit in General Santos, at the other hand made me appreciate every breath I take in Davao more, due to theΒ hot andΒ dense weather conditions -that we had during our visit-.

All these small occasions made me love Davao more, but still it didn’t made me appreciate this place which has served me as my home since the fifth grade of elementary.

It was in Cagayan de Oro though, when everything has changed. The small streets making me remember the front of San Pedro. The Divisoria as an extended version of the Rizal Promenade. And the view from Divine Mercy Shrine (El Salvador) just like the view from the Shrine Hills. Not only that; the various expensive Coffee Shops made me miss Davao City’s Kangaroo too. There’s truly nothing like it, nothing like the home, your true home.

  • Blogging isn’t for geeks, it’s getting mainstream

I used to ignore the fact that blogging is entering the mainstream already, it’s not only limited to geeks or people who have internet connections at their homes, but it is starting to become something that everyone is gonna exercise which makes me realize too that.. And oh, don’t forget the morning Politician Sessions.

  • Adsense is one thing, but there is more.

I might be earning (arguably much, for some) in Adsense, but I cannot rely on it. Well, I shouldn’t be thinking about money at all anymore, and rather concentrate about something better, higher, solid. Ask yourself this: What happens to Adsense when everyone is a blogger and is aware that these advertisements are adsense advertisement?

  • There is always someone, who appreciates you.

At times when everything seems too hard, people start turning your back, there is always someone who appreciates you and what you do. Janette Toral’s words of wisdom inspired me even more to do what I used to do with this website, and to continue strive to reach a new objective for this blog. It’s always nice when people believe that you are talented, and I’m sure that there is someone out there who believes that you’ve got talent too, but are just not ready to voice it out to you yet.

  • Always put a goal ahead of you.

If you stop dreaming about something big, you’ll never be something big. But a goal ahead of you, set your plans for your future and try to reach it step by step. Not following PBA nomination for my blog meant was a shot in the water, and I just can’t explain how much I envy the winners, or even just the nominees. When you reach a goal, go ahead and reach out for another.I stopped at one point, and look where it lead me, down down the road from how my blog was looked and admired at a year back.

  • It’s not just about Davao, Gensan, CDO

Just like I mentioned above that blogging is going mainstream, it is not just about Davao, Gensan, and CDO. Bloggers from other cities are emerging, Zamboanga, Iligan; to name couple. It is spreading all over Mindanao, the Mindanao Bloggers community along with the number of bloggers nationwide is exponentially growing.

  • It is not all about blogging.

I noted it before, but I have to say it again. Socializing is something that every blogger (well, everyone human being) needs. Meeting the dozens of bloggers at the sumit made me realize it more than anything, lots of new people, and lots of people that I haven’t heard about or seen for months, like Runel and Bam.

A bonus lesson learned.

  • Don’t engage in a debate with bloggers from Cagayan de Oro City

Woopra Statistics reveal that there have been multiple page views coming from the same I.P address from Cagayan de Oro City yesterday on a few (adsense containing) pages of the blog. Coincidentally, my adsense got clicked bombed. I think you can figure out what I am trying to say with that.

What did you learn from the Mindanao Bloggers Summit III Cagayan de Oro?

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