UNITED STATES – Small town Haiti got rocked by a 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake earlier today. It was a surprise to all people in Haiti who are totally overwhelmed and shocked by the sudden strike of such powerful Earthquake.

I heard read about the news just moments ago, but the said dates back 6-8 hours based on the upload time of YouTube videos showing the destruction the 7.0 Magnitude Earthquake has caused. Haiti’s Capital Port-au-Prince is one of the most damaged locations. A witness, just 15 minutes away from the capital confirms the utterly devastating damage the earthquake has caused to the metro.

He was about to upload a beautiful picture of an Avocado that he sliced to show to his friends over the internet, prior the earthquake took place. The witness also revealed to the media that he wasn’t sure what was going on, and that it sounded like a train rocketed by the street. That, until he noticed the glass windows breaking and the his whole house literally rocking back and forth.

The epicenter of the Earthquake was just around 16 miles away from the said capital mentioned above.