You’ve gotten past the gut-wrenching task of asking a girl out, and lucky for you she said yes. Congratulations! Now what? First date that’s what! The first date can be pretty nerve wracking and wondering whether you’ll see the person again is even worse. Before you start over-analysing the situation, let’s concentrate on the first date and the things you can do to ensure a second. A first date is like a job interview with cocktails , it provides the person with a great deal of insight into what life dating you may entail, so you’ve got to make it seem desirable. Here are some common sense rules to ensure that gotta see you again attitude by the end of the date.

Be on time



This is one of the most important rules of first dates. Being tardy give the impression that you don’t care, you are unreliable and you don’t see this date as a priority. Harsh, I know and it may sound a tad bit crazy, but to a women, this is a glimpse of a future that involves a lot of waiting around for you. Of course, there are going to be situations where you can’t avoid being late, and in this case be sure to let your date know in advance to avoid them thinking that they’ve been stood up.

Don’t give too much, too soon

Unless you are one of those lucky people that meets their soul mate in a random place and marries them two days later, planning holidays or buying tickets for concerts for your date that are six months down the track is entering the eager beaver danger zone. While these things are great in a burgeoning relationship, they are not ideal for a first date. The only thing you should be worried about is asking are we having dessert? Not are we going to take up cooking classes?

Be nice to the people around you

Being needlessly rude to anyone on a first date automatically sinks your chances for date number two. While you may think that you are being impressive by being short with the waitress, you really just come across as a self-important douche. Oh, and we notice when you leave a measly $1 tip on a $100 bill, hear me when I say this is a deal breaker.

Show interest and be interesting

There’s nothing worse than a date that won’t let you get a word in edgewise. Not only does it create a stressful and awkward environment, much like the aforementioned, it’s a sure-fire way to guarantee date number two doesn’t happen. When you think you’re talking about yourself too much, stop, ask a question and follow it up with these three magic little words tell me more. It’s not just about being interested in her stories, it’s also about captivating her. A great way to do this is to be unlike any other man she has dated and ask her fascinating questions that she’s not used to hearing on a first date. This will create an engaging and intelligent conversation that make you both seem compelling.

Have fun!

The most underrated and difficult things to achieve on a date is to have fun and be yourself. A first date is a completely new and exciting experience that could lead to so much more if you just learn to relax and enjoy the moment.

These five simple rules, accompanied by your snazziest outfit and some lynx deodorant, will set you on your way to date number two. Good Luck!