The earlier post about a contest doesn’t seem to be quiet effective, so again, in behalf of Kevin I’ll be running a new contest!.. or let’s say just a little promotion from which most especially Entrecards Users can benefit from.

All that we ask is that you’ll add comments on our articles, and the top comment writer will receive 2500 EC Credits, the second highest on the rank will get 1000 and the 3rd will receive 500 ECs at the end of this month. In total, just like the title says it, you’ll get 4,000 EC Credits just for writing comments.

But that is not all. If writing comments is to monotonous for you, you may also write about this contest on your blog and get 5 points for that. Every comment is considered as 1 point from this day on. And every link back from your blogs will be considered as 5 points. All you need to do is as said, either add comments to the articles or write about our little promotion on your blog with a link back to this article and the homepage of our blog. That’s it, and here we go!

Before you head over and comment on our posts, may I ask you to please leave a comment on this article stating that you’ll be joining the contest and please, do use 1 name and 1 URL and 1 email all throughout so that it’ll be easier for us to tally your points.

What are you waiting for? Start commenting now!

Get 5 points extra for subscribing and verifying your subscription to our feedburner email newsletter!
If you subscribe to it, then let us know by leaving a comment also