Members of the Davao Bloggers visited Tagum City only to find out there’s more to Tagum than many initially thought. Lots of fun, food, and music. Read on about the 3rd International Rondalla Festival and 10th Musikahan sa Tagum

The Pinoy Teens duo Princess and Kevin took a weekend off to visit nearby Tagum City for the 3rd International Rondalla Festival: Cuerdas sa Pagkakaysa and the 10th Musikahan Festival of the said city. Other Members of the Davao Bloggers community were lucky enough to arrive an hour or two earlier than the duo, able to witness a few strings plucked by delegates from different countries. Princess and I just made it on time to have dinner with the Davao Bloggers at nearby food stalls located just outside of the New City Hall of Tagum.

Leah, Angie, Faust, Olan, Mark and Princess accompanied yours truly during our stay in Tagum, where the Davao Bloggers not only enjoyed music from contingents of other countries, but the participation of local barangays to the 10th Musikahan Festival.

The day after the exhaustive Musikahan Festival we were lucky enough to be toured around a few spots around Tagum, courtesy of Leo Timogan.

We passed by the Public Cemetery, for instance. Noting that it looked very organized and clean, a neat feat for a public cemetery if compared to our cemeteries back in Davao. We were also hinted that you can be wed at the said place for free, something that is pretty nice for people who cannot afford a overly festive wedding, but not really my thing amidst the dead people who are resting all around. But indeed, it’s one place where dead people can have peace in mind and truly rest, while visitors won’t have such a hard time to visit them and look for them.

We also visited one huge Cathedral. Behind the Cathedral you would find one of the (if not the) largest wooden rosary. I had never seen a beautiful Cathedral from inside-out firsthand, and I have to say that it assumed to be a very holistic and neat place for prayer. Lots of people can be accommodated in the Cathedral, and there’s lots to see outside of the Cathedral as well. Like statues on the lefthand side narrating the Way of The Cross in which the last statue leads to the huge rosary I was talking about earlier on.

Our guide disclosed to us that the New City Hall and many other equipments and/or buildings could be easily made and funded by the local government, because they have their own manufacturing places nearby to help in the process of creating not only buildings, but tables, seats and more that barangay’s request frequently for their activities.

Our group of bloggers also visited a nearby place they call the Banana Beach. T’was there were we had spent about an hour of our morning routine last Saturday, February 19, before we headed back to the New City Hall for other places to tour to. We had a good time there talking with each other, and the weather was well suited for a decent morning near the sea and with friends.

There is definitely much more to Tagum than those petty 24 hours we spent there. And I’m really looking forward to see more of the Palm City in the near future.

View more pictures of the Musikahan and the Tagum City Tour courtesy of Leah Valle.

Note: Bear with our poor writing. Still getting out of this thousand feet hole of my writing slump.

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