The Philippine Women’s College of Davao hosts its annual Intramural. Here’s a quick insight on what’s been going on from an I.T Trojan point of view.

I’m not quite a good student. I have unecessarily managed to repeat a handful of minors over and over again. Let’s not forget, too, that I even stopped schooling for a couple of years.

It took me this long, until this very school year, to truly appreciate college life.

The 2014 PWC Intramurals have been epic for me. It was fun to support my fellow constituents in their quests for glory (or at the very least, avoid shame) while also trying to chime in my contribution to the group as a whole.


It is the first time that the IT division has become an independent team at the intramurals, and to some extent, it shows.

We are still trying to find our place. We are still learning from our mishaps and flaws in order to be more seamless next year. This year, hasn’t been bad at all though.

All of us IT Trojans had fun creating the short film, all of us enjoyed cheering for those who were playing, all of us has each others back.

At the end of the day, we didn’t really do that bad. Some contests are still ongoing as of this writing. We did manage, however to score decent in the word games and to have our basketball men’s team make it to fourth place.

Not only that though.

The IT Trojans Female Basketball team edged out their Tourism Management counterpart 22-26 in a thrillijg, exhilirating and absolutely exciting game that had 4 overtimes. Yes. 4 overtimes. The girls managed to end up on 3rd place thanks to that win.


My Part

My contribution to Team IT was taking care of the oratorical and essay comeptitions. While I feel rather good about my performance in the latter, I doubt my Oration is gonna make it to an acknowledgeable top four finish.

It was the first time since my January 2012 talk in Pagadian that I had addressed a relatively huge audience. It’s a lot different to teach WordPress and Blogging to a crowd than try and recite a piece. Teaching WordPress seems like chicken compared to this recent experience I have had.

It was fun nonetheless. It was cool to have great support from my instructors and friends. College life has finally become fun for me this year… At last. 🙂


I’m still looking forward to the next couple of days of this Intramural. There’s still a lot to be happy about, a lot of bonding, and a lot of fun. Hopefully, we manage to pull off a win in the next competitions we partake.