Read our recap on the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil Match Day 3.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is well under way. We’ve witnessed Brazil win their opener against Croatia, on the second match day, we’ve seen the Netherlands not only humble, but absolutely trash and humiliate Spain, with 5 goals to 1. On the third match day, we’ve seen some results… which not everyone expected to see though, with yet another unusual win.

This time, the victim was one of this year’s favorites to challenge for the title, Uruguay. Uruguay fell short against a very lively and passionate Costa Rica who humbled 3-1. It’s going to be tough for Uruguay to bounce back, and unless they take 3 points against England (who lost their opener 2-1 against Italy), then it seems almost unlikely for them to break through to the next round.

The games tonight in Philippine Standard Time will be the following:

Day 4 Schedule

0000H Switzerland V. Ecuador
0300H Argentina V. Bosnia and Herzogavina
0600H France V. Honduras

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