There are more than ten factors that are getting on my nerves about a couple of bloggers andPointing Finger their blogs, but after thinking about all these factors, I’ve boiled everything down to 10 major factors or things that bloggers should avoid doing.

  1. Have the I Blog For Money Only Character – You’re not blogging for making money, aren’t you? ’cause if you are really only blogging for money, but a big disclaimer up and let everyone know what for a money lusty person you are. Oh, and don’t call yourself a blogger if money making is your sole purpose of the blog.
  2. Choose Blogspot – This counts for those bloggers who can afford buying domain, hosting and all other things, do you really need to choose the shorter when you have everything you need to lift your blogging career to the next level?
  3. Spread the Word about EVERY SINGLE POST you make – There’s no need to let the whole world know about EVERY SINGLE POST you wrote, it’s okay to do so for post that you are really confident about which may catch the attention of other people lurking the world wide web, but I doubt that a lot of people would be interested about what you had as your breakfast meal.
  4. Fake your subscriber countParagraph 4 – I know a couple of blogs that are trying to fake their subscriber counts in many ways, with a little feedburner hack, or maybe by just modifying a few html codes to make their feed count look like thousands, while in reality, there are just more or less hundred people subscribed. There’s no need to do something silly like this, are you really proud faking your count whilst other stand out their own, legit way?
  5. Write about the same topic on the same day – I noticed specifically Google indexing only 1 page/post per blog for a specific keyword or keyphrase, after it, you will see your next post related to that keyword a few mile pages behind. Try targeting another set of keywords or keyphrases when you tackle a similar topic on a single day.
  6. Use a Gravatar with your site URL on it – Do you really need to have your gravatar say from which planet site you are from? Add your real face to it to attach the personal feel to your comment, especially on your own blogs. Readers might think that they are talking to a both addictive to blogging if you won’t show your human side every now and then.
  7. Clutter your website with advertisements – I hate it, other users hate it, and I know that you hate it too. There are a lot of ways to close a browser, ALT+F4, CTRL+F4, pressing the red X button in the upper right hand and many more. You don’t want that to happen, do you?
  8. Encourage clicks – It can kill you, it has killed me before, I don’t want to meet you in hell yet.
  9. Blog more than sleeping – Blogging is dangerous to your health, especially when you replace blogging time for your bed time, you don’t want to look as ugly and thin like me? Although, blogging and surfing the web to the extreme extend I’m doing it (it’s 12 midnight now) is a real nice way to loose some fats for those thick people out there.
  10. Run more than 3 blogs – I know people who have problems even maintaining a single blog, while I do also know people who managed to take more than three blogs to a higher level, but do you really think that they started immediately with all three? Or established their online presence via a single blog first?
  11. Commenting One Liners on Other Blogs –
    • It’s annoying, especailly when all you’ve got to say is “care to link ex?”. Hey, it’s very insulting you know, the blog owner can still read their tag box (most of them, but I don’t have one); you don’t need to emphasize your request by leaving a spammy comment, it’ll only lead for being ignored.
    • Would you mind sticking to the topic for some time? Even a few lines about the topic can make a blogger really happy and start a friendship between the two of you, good comments are often paid back with good comments, if you get a one liner back, don’t mind it and say to yourself “he/she is not a blogger”.
  12. Write PPPs all the way – Readers are interested about real content, and not content that you are forced to write about.
  13. Last but not the least, you should not forget to leave a comment, else, you’re not a blogger! :p

So, there you have my 10 random things that a blogger should not do, I have made use of the numerical bullets for a little change, but all of these are not ranked according to importance of significance, but ranked according to what I had in mind that very moment I pressed the Enter button.

What are other things that you could suggest that bloggers should avoid doing?