Featured Teen: Ryan Buenafe

Who said that our Featured Teens can only be the ones that I know? Let’s take Ryan Buenafe as our featured teen this moment.


To start the little Ryan Buenafe related article, here’s something that all of you need to know, Ryan Buenafe’s full name is Ryan Clarence Buenafe. Now, that’s something new, isn’t it? Buenafe plays as a Small Forward for the Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles and he won the title as Rookie of the Year during the 71st UAAP Season that has passed just a couple of months ago wherein the Blues have succeeded and eventually won the season keeping a clean sheet of 4 meetings against arch nemesis De La Salle University Green Archers, 2 in the eliminations, and another 2 meetings during the Finals.

Ryan’s not without any reasons the Rookie of the Year for the 71st UAAP. It’s his ability, his skills in terms of basketball, specifically in driving to the basket and passing to his team mate that opened up a lot of options for the Blue Eagles and has helped them out a couple of times.

Ryan Buenafe had a little benchmark of achievement of his own during the first game of the finals against De La Salle University where he has out rebounded the whole La Salle squad during the first quarter, yes, he alone, out rebounding the whole Archers. Let’s also not forget the very huge triple he scored against the University of the East during their second meeting in the UAAP, which helped the Blues close in to the University East, eventually drawing, and winning the game.

He also had a big impact during the over time of the said game above, driving to the basket despite the though 3 against 1 defense from the University of the East. Not quite obvious that he is still a rookie huh? Oh, I forgot to mention that during his High School years, he was a back-to-back MVP at his respective academe.

Since Christopher Tiu, popularly known as Chris Tiu is leaving the Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles squad, it looks like it’s Buenafe’s chance to pull some strings and lead the team in a near future. Based on the skills that he has showed off during his stellar year at the University of Jesuits, Ateneo de Manila, rest assured that in the coming years, Ryan Buenafe will develop into a exceptional player, who can pass the ball, drive to the basket and take that perimeter jumper.

What can you say about Ryan Buenafe?

  • chloe


  • kokoy

    rachada na tayo dude..!!! hahaha

  • http://yahoo.com ming zhen

    he is the best

    • http://your-dailyword.blogspot.com Mikes Sumondong

      Hope he become as successful as Chris. I’m not a fan of basketball so no comment

  • http://www.yahoo.com mina

    mahn,how can he be a teenager when he’s already in his 20’s???duhhh.and yeah, he’s a perve.

    • http://www.yahoo.com aya

      yeah.i know someone who dated him before..tsktsk

      • damian

        just a message to jacob maravilla:were you sure it was buenfafe you saw in the theater? He got the nerves to kiss/makeout with his girl in public???!!! ewww…if ryan's like that I'll call that out of his typical goo-natured personality. I could sense your are just making up stories.envy?you shouldn't be…it's just that ryan buenafe is that fluffy bear you could see in TV. I don't think he's that pervert to do such thing in public despite that now he has a name to clean up and stand on public…esp ateneans…and yes, I do agree with clarissa, he's really cute. haha! 'Nuff said.

        • Clarissa Reyes

          DIBAH????! STALKER NA, BARBERO PA! Haha. Baka kiss lang. Makeout? I HIGHLY doubt it! 😀

          • mau detera

            ho-hum. siguro sa sinehan hindi. i have a question… eh sa fiamma kaya? 😉

          • Clarissa Reyes

            I don't know what you're talking about. How should I know? LOL. I'm just a mere fan.

          • Keisha

            hahaha! the one at Fiamma was a good one. :) There's also this RECENTLY event back at Guilly's. How fun..he's really a party animal..that Ryan. I love him though. 😛

  • http://blueballergirl.blogspot.com blueballergirl

    i’ve seen ryan buenafe play and he is a good player…
    he is related to someone who is playing for a certain team in the PBA and i guess their basketball skills run in their blood…

  • bea

    19 lng cia…

  • http://coffeehearts.net grace

    Ryan Buenafe is not new to my ears because I watch PBA. I don’t go for his team though, I’m a certified Kabaranggay. 😀

    • Krizette Margaret

      Ryan Buenafe is a basketball monster! He can do almost everything when he is inside the court. In the most recent game that I saw (NU vs. ADMU) Ryan’s score is almost the same as the total score of their competing team. That was the reason why he became the “CHAMP of the game”. After all the achievement inside the court, I must admit that I am Ryan’s fan! Oh, by the way, did you know that UAAP 71’s Rookie of the year is the cousin of Ronjay Buenafe of the Coca-cola Tigers… 😀

    • Krizette Margaret

      It’s not Ryan… the one who competes in PBA is his cousin… Ronjay Buenafe… Ryan is currently in the UAAP but hopefully, he will be drafted in PBA some years from now.

  • Cora Paule-Granadosin

    6/7/09 at 1550
    I’m fortunate to meet Ryan in Las Vegas during their training here and I believe he’s a fine young adult that a parent would want to be friends with her son.He’s with my friend’s son-Chris De Chavez.He’s well-mannered not just with how he talks but even w/ his behavior.I was blessed to meet them because at their young age,they set good examples to the other young people of this new generation.

    • myohmy

      he is not very good model. he goes for one-night stands….the hell. he’s more player than he’ll ever be. he likes to manipulate people who admires him and brings them straight to bed after meeting for only 3 hours…gosh…not your ideal….

      • Keisha

        Seriously? I don't think so. Ryan Isn't that kind of guy..well atleast when I got to meet him. He's nothing of what you say he is.

  • shanelle

    galing niang mglaro…para xang hindi sophomore…xa kea ung gumawa halos dun sa laban ng ateneo agains uste…hahaha nakakahiya ust..tambak…sori..totoo naman eh..andun si chris tiu.. katabi nia si christie kenny… he’s so gorgeous ever… so sad..he’s wearing a t-shirt now not a jersey…hope he still play basketball… GO ATENEO!!!!

    • Jhen13

      .,.hAi.,i’m yOur # 1 Fan.,.kEep iT up,!!!!iLovesOomuCh.,.

      • jajajaja

        ryan buenafe…..prang veterans kung malro…UAAP season 71 rookie plang xa nun-nging best player xa sa isang laro nila….go!go!go!keep up d’ gud work!!!!

  • Liezel

    I think he’s cute….pero lately, s mga games nla parang hndi sya ng step up….gudluck s team nyo.

  • may joy

    i hope that ateneo get this years championship title…………………….go eagles
    ……………..go ryan gwapo mo…………….

  • psst…


  • psst…

    tama ka jacob marvilla… he’s not really a good boy… ryan buenafe is a stupid player..

    hanga ako kay ryan, ang galing nyang paikutin yung mga girls.. sayang smart pati magaganda pa naman yung mga girls na napapaikot nya.. kawawa naman..

    i know his ex-girlfriend… i have met her several times and she’s also a player(hindi ko na lang sasabihin yung sport nya)… at 1st, i thought he’s really a good boy but that was a BIG MISTAKE.. mahirap na kasi magsalita.. sabi nga ng girl na sobrang bait ni ryan pero sa una lang pala yun.. awang awa kami sa ex gf nya kasi nagkamali sya kay ryan pero buti na lang wala na sila ngayon. there was a time nga na pinilit ni ryan na mag-quit na lang c athlete girl sa sport nya pero hindi pumayag si girl.. thank God talaga at wala na sila ngayon.. sobrang laki ng impluwensyang ginawa ni ryan sa kanya.. now, she’s already back to normal, as in kung sinu sya nung di pa nya nakikilala si ryan.. lagi pang bagsak daw yang si ryan.. di nga yan nag-aaral eh.. hahahaha… kaya nga matatalino mga ginagawa nyang gf para may taga gawa sya ng mga school works..

    sana kilala nyo talaga yang c ryan buenafe.. admire him na lang as a good basketball player but other than that, WAG NA LANG!!!

    • Ehra28

      @Psst.. u know wat ryan's personal life is none of ur business.
      dude.. he came from Baste so we support him,, eventhough he transfer to Ateneo for the deals haha..

  • Clarissa

    Please stop the negativity. Ryan is a good basketball player, period. Whatever he does in his personal life is none of your business. Kung wala kayong magandang masasabi, wag na lang. Thank you.

  • anne

    me and my bf went in sm manila then we saw ryan buenafe.. i don’t know if the girl who’s with him is from miriam kasi the girl is wearing a uniform from u-belt.. pumasok sila sa isang store dun e. talaga ngang pare-parehas lang ang basketball players.. if it comes to girls, mabilis talaga sila.. ryan buenafe is a good basketball player and he has name na, kaya sana he should be carefull in what he’s doing.. he’s already a professional player.. wag dapat sya gumwa ng hindi maganda, sya din ang masisira.. sorry to tell pero sya din gumagawa para masira sya kaya sana maging maingat sya..

    sorry,, i idolize him pa naman kasi ang galing nya magbasketball pero as one of his fan, sana maging aware na sya sa mga ginagawa nya..

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/ella22 ella22

    guys…4 those na mga naninira kay RYAN, be careful and sana isipin nyo muna mga pinopost nyo dito, kasi nakakasira kayo ng image..4 sure mga insecure lang kayo… im a big ryan buenafe fan since his rookie year, ina-meet ko na sya several times sa araneta and sinasabi ko sa inyo sis nice and humble parati lang sya naka-smile sa mga fans,game din syang magpa-picture..

  • Ehra28

    Ryan Buenafe is from San Sebastian College Recoletos during his highschool days.. Gudluck Ryan..! :)

  • damian


  • damian

    hello…m just wondering…I'm ryan's fan since he looks cool and projects cool in court. I cant imagine him being too flirty coz in way he looks "suplado". He seldom smile nga eh..anyway, he still is my fave in admu. Hopefully I'll see him in person. what's his height again? 6'2'' ba?

    • Clarissa Reyes

      6 "3, Damian! :) He will smile when he gets rid of his braces na. Haha. :) He's not suplado! Say "hi" lang to him. He's my favorite Ateneo player of all time too. Hahaha. :)

      • mau detera

        you look like ryan buenafe's girlfriend. yung lagi kong nakikita sa south gate nung uaap after this recent season. diba?????! hehe. so sa mga negative commenters dyan, feeling ko nababasa pala ito ni ryan.

        but this wont stop me from saying that ryan buenafe is such a fat slump. nothing more and nothing less. wholesome dating nito sa fans kasi medyo suplado nga pero i doubt it pagdating sa bed. ;)) not that ive had a taste of him (im a straight guy) but yeah… i think totoo yung kay jason marvilla. peace out! :)

        • Clarissa Reyes

          You're a straight guy? Why are you even thinking of Ryan Buenafe in bed? I mean how does that concern you and how does that concern this article? Stay grounded. You don't even have enough bases. God bless.

  • Judy

    I'm his no. 1 fan,
    all the people I know
    tell me that.

    he's one of a kind PERSON…
    and a player too.

    I'll be on the bleachers
    till he's basketball career ends.

    • Clarissa Reyes

      Haha. Nice one. :)

  • maan

    i'M ryan's FAN ALSO..all d way pa from pangasinan..want to know more info bout him..a lot of his fan,lahat positive feedbacks.i just can'T understand why there's stil negative comments bout him..sana wag na lang xang pakialaman since personal na ung issue ryt?anyway,mabait nman xa..he's my friend sa fs..and i wasn't expecting tlaga na mag'Sesend pa xa ng message skin sa dami ng fans nya..it only proves na he's good tlaga…wish i can watch one of his games sa season 73…sa araneta..

  • pat

    I'm a huge fan of Ryan! I love ateneo! I don't care if he's a lalalalala *bad things other people say* basta he's a good basketball player and he use his skills to bring ateneo to another championship. People doesn't need to post bad comments about him. You can't make fans believe that crap. We don't care about the things he do outside the court. Since we are all random online people *bored perhaps* might as well spare this page from your senseless intrigues and chickas. Some people who assumes that they "know" him might not even know who he really is.

  • oo:]]

    woohoo! taga baste yan dte! npka lakas ng appeal nia.. im so proud od him.. he's really good! ♥

  • adeng

    kuya blue.waa. imiss you na.daya mu. ;))

  • http://www.yahoo.com ehra

    though he's a good basketball player, if his personality is baliko naman, his efforts are useless.i swear to God, he's a total asshole. LEAVING MY FRIEND AFTER SHE REFUSED TO SLEEP WITH HIM??? that's so low. i just hope everyone would realize that. and Gooood, he's in his mid-twenties na, and still in sophomore college? o c'mon, look how stupid the guy is. sinusuka na siya ng ateneans

    • http://www.yahoo.com ehra

      and yeah,guys, it's true, he looks soooo suplado when playing. but the gross part of him comes out when you get to know him. he looks nice and attentive. but in real life, oh Gooood, he's so "Squater-like". and oh yeah, btw, that's he's favorite word. so gross that uneducated man. sorry guys, reality check lang, kasi he's got illogical people under his kapangitan na ehh. ewww. wake up people. you're being utu-uto supporting someone who play as if he's god or whatever

  • Krizette Margaret

    Guys, Ryan Buenafe is a TV icon and that gave us the right to criticize him (I know that in fact). However this page is designed for us to admire him and not to post negative issues about him. Hopefully, we'll just give Ryan the benefit to enjoy his private life by not possing any issue about him. Let's enjoy our day by admiring our idols and not by finding faults on someone who doesn't even know that we exist. Doing so just makes you look like idiots who are envying him. Why not challenge him on a basketball game and prove yourselves? If we don't want intruders on our private life, why intrude someone else's life?

  • Kryzzie

    ryan buenafe is my ***ultimate*** UAAP crush…i find him really cute and gwapo!!! kinilig ako nung nakita ko xa sa eastwood last week. yun lang nga may date sya. :( i dont know lang if gf ba nya yun or something. kinapalan ko na lang mukha ko nilapitan ko pa rin xa with my friends to ask for pic…mabait naman xa pumayag sa picture. inakbayan pa nya ako!!! i was so happy after. kinikilig kami ng friends ko. in fairness to the girl she is pretty and nice…indi sobrang payat but she has a pretty face and she carry herself well. mejo chinita at mestiza, nakasuot ng glasses, petite xa. mukhang mayaman and may breeding. she is very graceful and pagnakausap mo matalino xa…naka LV na bag and technomarine watch…haha napansin ko kasi kinausap pa nila kami. she is so nice she even volunteered to take our picture. natuwa naman ako dun…sinabihan pa nya magsmile si ryan kasi hindi nakasmile sa first pic. pati yung friends ko xa din nagtake ng pix. sobra talagang bait nya. inobserve pa namin sila after and hindi ako naniniwala sa mga sinasabi dito. they were sweet pero indi naman OA sa PDA. they were holding hands and ryan kissed her once. ryan was obviously having fun…nakasmile xa tuwing nakatingin xa sa girl and yung girl parang masaya kasama kasi nagtatawanan silang dalawa. ryan found a good catch sana magtagal sila. :)

    • lalalove

      May braces ba yun girl? :)

  • dindin

    hi! im a good friend of ryan's gf, and too clear things up, may nabasa kc ako from a website na tga mriam daw… NOPE! buthis gf is also from U -BELT.. aun.. clear ko lang..

    • http://kevs.tel Kevin Paquet

      huli ka na sa issue eh, ex niya taga-Miriam.

      • dindin

        haha ohh im sorry..

    • lalalove

      Yes, taga FEU right? But, something's bothering me. I met ryan 2 weeks ago bago sila mag hongkong and he's with a la sallian, they're so sweet and such a cute couple. kung couple nga, pero I'm pretty sure, they are, holding hands and the akbays :) I'm sure it's ryan, pinakilala siya ng classmate ko na guy na naging teammate niya before sa Baste:)

      • deewhy

        wtf?? sila pa Ng tga feu .. tapos may tga dlsu pa??.. tsk2

        • SOFETCH!

          I think buenafe's breaking up na with her FEU gf. Kasi friend ko yung feu girl sa facebook, and she's always posting sad quotes whatever, and I saw a post pa sa isang team mate ni buenafe before na sinend nung taga feu na "players will always be players" something like that. And friend ko din yung isang account ni buenafe na i don't know if siya ba nagbubukas nun kasi napapansin ko lang parehas mag update yung account ng feu girl at account na yun ni buenafe. And may album si buenafe na "me and my girl", laging pinapublic parang nung feu girl, kasi maya maya or kinabukasan mawawala ulit yung album na yun siguro, ipprivate ni ulit ni buenafe. Tapos nag status pa siya weeks ago na "my heart was napana by a LASALISTA" so parang tama nga si lalalove. Grabe kawawa lang. Oh well, iba talaga appeal ng mga basketball player, hahabul habulin talaga :))

  • marigold

    grabe naman hindi ako makapaniwala na gan yan sya, eh super crusk ko pa naman sya, ang cute nya kasi sa isang magazine, at isa pa, siguro naman lahat kayo mga ateneans wag naman po sana kayong manira ng ibang tao pero kung talagang hindi na maganda yung ginagawa nya siguro it's time to pakialaman na sya and masasabi ko lang sana magbago na sya kasi baka masira nya lang ang pangalan ng admu, kung totoo ang balita na pervert daw si buenafe , but i'm not sure kasi hindi naman kami close nun, wag nyo nalang sana kong kilalanin pa, tenks u! :)

  • http://yahoo marigold

    grabe naman hindi ako makapaniwala na gan yan sya, eh super crusk ko pa naman sya, ang cute nya kasi sa isang magazine, at isa pa, siguro naman lahat kayo mga ateneans wag naman po sana kayong manira ng ibang tao pero kung talagang hindi na maganda yung ginagawa nya siguro it's time to pakialaman na sya and masasabi ko lang sana magbago na sya kasi baka masira nya lang ang pangalan ng admu, kung totoo ang balita na pervert daw si buenafe , but i'm not sure kasi hindi naman kami close nun, wag nyo nalang sana kong kilalanin pa, tenks u! :)
    ha hello!

  • lalalove

    when's his birthday? ;p

  • lissa05

    is it true ba na he has already a baby? kc i heard from my friends na nakabuntis daw sya.. totoo ba yun?

    • oyea

      narinig ko din yan, well respected pa naman ang apilido ni girl if true man yon.

  • staglet

    teamate q tong c ryan nung hs s baste, kso lumaki n ulo. .

  • mando

    bravo baste!!

  • superkat

    i know ryan, he’s a good basketball player and he’s good in bed. so sa mga nagsasabi dito na PERVERT si ryan.. TRUE. had sex with him and na-shocked ako kasi he’s WILD in bed. as in, parang squatter.

  • jan noprada

    hoy superkat! u r lying! si ryan pervert at squatter?! that’s not true! he’s a very decent man. i know him, he’s kind,super.

  • http://sugardrop.net aika

    i really don’t know him since i’m not a fan of basketball, but i know Chris Tiu..i more oftenly hear his name

  • yhabeh

    d clarence ryan..
    ryan clarence buenafe..

  • Francine

    I had the privilege to be one of Ryan's numerous acquaintances (yes numerous given his popularity right now; at least in the academic arena). My boyfriend is his trusted confidante in Ateneo and theyre blockmates too. All I can say is that Ryan (contrary to popular belief) is a very good guy and not a pervert. Perfect example nga! I have met he and his girlfriend for a few times and he also has a good taste when it comes to girls. His girlfriend, a freshman in Miriam College is not only charming but very brainy as well. The couple's feet are on the ground despite lots of "hellos" and admiration Ryan gets whenever they or just he will go out… And the girl, which I have talked with several times is equally humble…my sister is a schoolmate of the girl in Miriam and all she can say are positive comments…walang ere talaga. normal girl lang! actually the girl has broken my stereotype (not even my sister did) when it comes to girl from Miriam kasi she's really very smart and intelligent and very down to earth…everything the girl says has sense and she isnt irked by facts about poverty and all–not to forget that she is very very very simple too. so kudos to Ryan and his taste for girls. One night stands? I doubt it! As I can see Ryan is very serious about his girl…nakakatawa nga sabi ng boyfriend ko na confidante nya kilig na kilig si Ryan kapag magkkwento about the girl and their relationship… truly a good example for boys out there and for PLAYERS too. Ryan Buenafe and the terms "one-night-stands" and "taking advantage" cannot be compatible with each other. Sorry to burst your bubble!

  • ainz

    he’s such a smart player.. i’m a big fan of the blue eagles.. ryan buenafe is one of their top players as of now.. when he’s serious, you’ll see what he can do.. even when he’s not serious, man he can still play well.. it’s pay back time for UP this thursday, blue eagles rock!!

  • Jacob Marvilla

    natatawa ako dun sa nagsabi na good boy si ryan… well eto lang yan to francine, it's either you have a crush with ryan and you are into him (despite having a boyfriend) OR your boyfriend himself is lying to you. :)

    first, natawa ako doon sa comment mo na hindi pervert si ryan… if i am not mistaken, this boy's girlfriend is yung chinita diba? maganda nga taste ni ryan sa girls at saka yung girlfriend nya okay naman ata… medyo kawawa nga lang (you will know as i go on) lalo nang kawawa now that we know na the girls has the smarts… the girl is pretty. the type na kailangan mo pang titigan tapos paganda nang paganda yung girl…

    me and my girlfriend saw ryan and his girl last month (august) in a theater house in a posh mall (hindi ko na sasabihin). my girlfriend is a huge fan of ryan so when she saw him (since ryan is really pansinin given the height of his), my girlfriend excitedly pointed them out… from there, we observed them from a far. well not really so far… but it was sort of difficult for us to look at them because they were in the corner most site of the theater house… later then, my girlfriend being an avid fan, she glanced on them from time to time… and this is what happened–nung tinuro ng girlfriend ko sa akin, ryan was trying to lean over his girl and kiss her… as in make out… we are assuming that his girl is sick kasi mukhang giniginaw and naka jacket na may fur ata yun… basta mukhang fur eh di naman ganun kalamig that time… the girl backed off nang konti tapos inakbayan lang ni ryan nang mahigpit tapos yun… sorta forced his girl to kiss him. halata naman sa girl na di sya natutuwa because she was sick nga… she was also a little shivering because of the cold… hindi na kami tumingin kasi baka mapansin ni ryan eh… nakakhiya at saka wala akong panama sa laki nun… after the movie, we waited for them na mauna na sa amin just to see the reaction in the girl's face… the girl looked like harrased and disappointed when they left the theater while ryan had a grin on his face… after that nakita pa namin silang kumain sa the old spaghetti house farmers… ayun… to the mods, i suggest that you dont block my comment so that girls be warned. i swear to the supreme being that this is true… as a girl herself, my girlfriend thinks that the girl loves ryan so much na nagpapaganun na lang sya… ang gentleman kasi kapag alam na the girl is not comfortable anymore… hindi na. the girl looked really sick and weak that time. ginaw na ginaw and very pale… i can compare because i saw the girl in sunday's game cheering for ryan and she looked way better than that time in the theater house… this is just a warning to all girls out there… since it seems that ryan is becoming a bigger name in the basketball scene. tip lang… good luck to his girlfriend. sana di mauntog agad. bilhan na dapat ng helmet.

  • Ehra28

    wow kua Paparazzi ka..? haha 😀

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