Who said that our Featured Teens can only be the ones that I know? Let’s take Ryan Buenafe as our featured teen this moment.


To start the little Ryan Buenafe related article, here’s something that all of you need to know, Ryan Buenafe’s full name is Ryan Clarence Buenafe. Now, that’s something new, isn’t it? Buenafe plays as a Small Forward for the Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles and he won the title as Rookie of the Year during the 71st UAAP Season that has passed just a couple of months ago wherein the Blues have succeeded and eventually won the season keeping a clean sheet of 4 meetings against arch nemesis De La Salle University Green Archers, 2 in the eliminations, and another 2 meetings during the Finals.

Ryan’s not without any reasons the Rookie of the Year for the 71st UAAP. It’s his ability, his skills in terms of basketball, specifically in driving to the basket and passing to his team mate that opened up a lot of options for the Blue Eagles and has helped them out a couple of times.

Ryan Buenafe had a little benchmark of achievement of his own during the first game of the finals against De La Salle University where he has out rebounded the whole La Salle squad during the first quarter, yes, he alone, out rebounding the whole Archers. Let’s also not forget the very huge triple he scored against the University of the East during their second meeting in the UAAP, which helped the Blues close in to the University East, eventually drawing, and winning the game.

He also had a big impact during the over time of the said game above, driving to the basket despite the though 3 against 1 defense from the University of the East. Not quite obvious that he is still a rookie huh? Oh, I forgot to mention that during his High School years, he was a back-to-back MVP at his respective academe.

Since Christopher Tiu, popularly known as Chris Tiu is leaving the Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles squad, it looks like it’s Buenafe’s chance to pull some strings and lead the team in a near future. Based on the skills that he has showed off during his stellar year at the University of Jesuits, Ateneo de Manila, rest assured that in the coming years, Ryan Buenafe will develop into a exceptional player, who can pass the ball, drive to the basket and take that perimeter jumper.

What can you say about Ryan Buenafe?