Free SMS sending in the Philippines

So, you’ve reached the limit of your Chikka Messenger and cannot send any sms to your friends out there, plus, you have no mobile load as well. What would you do next? Probably you’d turn to Yahoo! Messenger and try to send a message or two to their Mobile Phones, if in case they are On Mobile. What if they ain’t be? Why not load your mobile phone outside, or, is it raining, is it too hot, or are you just to lazy to take the walk out of the door to the next nearest loading station?

Enough with all the reasons, let’s rather look into another way to contact your friends when mobile credit is not at hand. What I am about to share is a Facebook Application created by uLink which gives you limitless, quick access to your friends, mobile. Send text messages via your browser at no cost, with no registration and whatsoever standing between you and the send button.

Send Free SMS to the Philippines

The only catch is that the uLink website does not look that impressive at first and might make you think that this service is a scam. But, don’t be fooled by your first impression, go ahead and join the happy folks and enjoy unlimited texting via the internet to any Philippine Mobile Number and any Philippine Mobile Network.

If you still don’t have enough courage to sign up because of how the website looks like, then you migh be interested in adding this facebook application to your Facebook Profile and send messages to anyone in the Philippines on any network for however many messages you’d like, at zero Peso nor cents per text.

The only con that I can think about this Free Philippine SMS Service is that the message that your friend receives is quiet long, containing advertisement from uLink, but, hey, it’s better than paying for a simple text, am I right? And besides, the advertisement that is included in the text you send is for the promotion of their website and probably to get the Free SMS Service better as the demand grows.

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    wow. i probably have to get one. hahaha
    thanks for sharing/ ^^.

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    This works for me:

    For Unlimited FREE SMS to Philippines

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    Hope this helps.

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    For Unlimited FREE SMS to Philippines

    it’s not working lolz..

  • onin

    super favor sating teenager yung unli text. Mas lalo na itong promo na to please check it out Astig talaga ng facebook! Pati game ng Jollibee meron na! You can get 500pesos GC pa hehe.. try it πŸ˜›

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    Why did you not provide a link to uLink? Some people here included some links. Are those the links to uLink?

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    How can i have this?

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    Gumagana b 2

    • Kevin Paquet

      Yes it’s working from my point of view, have been using it a couple of times.

    • Princess Quin

      Ou, it is working!

      • http://Freeunlitxtmssges! Mr.Hearthrobe

        Is this true b tlga kung oo how can i used it.Hrap ndi q mkuha tlga!Grrr.Plz help me SOP

        • Kevin Paquet

          Try downloading from the citadel website.

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    this is great but it uses mobile number as representing one.

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    how long does it take before the message is received?

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    khit ba nasa ibang bansa ka gagana din ba 2 at matatanggap naman kaya ng itetxt mo sa pinas???

  • Internet Tip

    Chikka has become greedy. The limit is 2 texts per sending. There must be a formidable competitor to Chikka to stop its arrogance.

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    wow! thanks for sharing this! sobrang cool and so far so good! πŸ˜‰ thanks thanks!!!




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  • daisy

    thanks ulink! you juz helped all pinoy from other countries!!!
    godbless and more power!!!

  • jep

    your all welcome. uLink just moved to a bigger dedicated web server! accommodating more than 15,000 users per day. thank you guys!

    • tangerine

      whats up with ulinks' free SMS? sms do not actually send to the recipients?

  • tangerine

    i've been using my account to send sms as i recalled last sms i was able to send was last dec 18, 2009. anything wrong with the system?

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    ulink….the best…..more power..

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    bkt ndi npo aq mkpgsend ng msg huhuhu :( wat happen?

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    bakit ganito lumalabas pag nag login ako s ulink
    "Failed to load the theme frame and / or home file"
    paano po ayusin

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    thanks uLink

  • librengteks

    Alternatively, you can use
    No login necessary. Quick and easy.

  • Free SMS Quotes

    Nice! Is this better than chikka?

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    anyone know the SMS EMAIL for Touch Mobile?

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    pero mai available na buh na plugin pra sa wordpress?

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    pwede na yatang i-linked sa fb account, no neeed to register…pero sana mas usefull kung application sya…hehehehe… Filipino tlga, ibigay ang kamay, buong braso ang kukunin….pero much better talaga kung application sya….hehehe

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    fb app nga cya, heres the link!

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    parang chikka din ba to?gusto ko pero paano?kilangan ba sign up?hinahanap ko ang sign up nito di ko makita…please tell me what to do…

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      meron.. tas may ssend lang na code sa phone mo for verification

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  • Kelvin

    kaninong cellphone number kaya ang ginagamit nitong Ulink? bakit pag nakaka recieve ako ng msg, standard number ang sender.. (09358933189).. hindi kaya pang hack itong application?

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  • SMS R Us

    You can also try to send unlimited free sms to all Philippine networks. It also has a facebook app that you can use to send sms directly from your facebook account.

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      nyc 1, free text na, unli pa, tapos available to all network! ang galing!

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    for people who cant access uLink, facebook requires all app developers to use https protocol. this means that you should browse facebook on a secure SSL. apps wont work with just http.

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