So, you’ve reached the limit of your Chikka Messenger and cannot send any sms to your friends out there, plus, you have no mobile load as well. What would you do next? Probably you’d turn to Yahoo! Messenger and try to send a message or two to their Mobile Phones, if in case they are On Mobile. What if they ain’t be? Why not load your mobile phone outside, or, is it raining, is it too hot, or are you just to lazy to take the walk out of the door to the next nearest loading station?

Enough with all the reasons, let’s rather look into another way to contact your friends when mobile credit is not at hand. What I am about to share is a Facebook Application created by uLink which gives you limitless, quick access to your friends, mobile. Send text messages via your browser at no cost, with no registration and whatsoever standing between you and the send button.

Send Free SMS to the Philippines

The only catch is that the uLink website does not look that impressive at first and might make you think that this service is a scam. But, don’t be fooled by your first impression, go ahead and join the happy folks and enjoy unlimited texting via the internet to any Philippine Mobile Number and any Philippine Mobile Network.

If you still don’t have enough courage to sign up because of how the website looks like, then you migh be interested in adding this facebook application to your Facebook Profile and send messages to anyone in the Philippines on any network for however many messages you’d like, at zero Peso nor cents per text.

The only con that I can think about this Free Philippine SMS Service is that the message that your friend receives is quiet long, containing advertisement from uLink, but, hey, it’s better than paying for a simple text, am I right? And besides, the advertisement that is included in the text you send is for the promotion of their website and probably to get the Free SMS Service better as the demand grows.