Paramore Band in the Philippines – 2010

World-known band Paramore is going to visit the Philippines during the first quarter of 2010. If I fully comprehended their post, said concert shall take place on March 2010 in Manila. A potential venue is the Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City, Metro Manila. 

The Paramore is popular for being the band behind the the songs in the Twilight Saga soundtracks. personal favorite of mine when it comes to their songs is Decode. 

Ticket sales for Paramore shall begin on December 8 so stay tuned and watch out when exactly everything is going to happen. Check Twitter with the hash tag #paratour to stay updated and check Paramore’s official website for all other significant updates about their upcoming shows all over the world.

We’ll do our best to avail free seats if anything like that is possible, Mr Kevin!

  • czarlyn

    can i buy the tshirt without gscash thing or sum paypals?

    coz i dun have like that but wanna buy it !!

    hays.. >.<

    i really want it.. :D

    ilove hayley :) wee

  • Cy

    Hi! I got extra tickets and I'm selling two(2) VIP paramore tickets for only Php12,000. Original price Php20,000 (save Php8,000!!!)

    For those interested just contact me (cy) 0923-8428121. Will probably meet you up in MoA (Mall of Asia) later before the concert.

    Sayang so please do buy it na.

  • alnishren

    graveh….todo na to

  • alnishren


  • Keren

    Paramore is awesome. Hayley Williams rocks! and so as the band, her range is amazing.

  • isabellafetalvero

    hayley i love u more than my self

  • paul carlo

    PARAMORE!!! is the NuMbEr OnE band that i LoVe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU ROCK MY WORLD………woAhhhhhh……………you ate my Heart……..hahahahaha

  • Marvin