Apps. Everyone has them on their phones. It is getting to the point where you cannot do anything anymore without them. Your bank requires an app to check your account. Your router requires an app so you can set the wi-fi in your home. You must have them to live your life.

While some of these applications may seem unnecessary, many are becoming so popular that you must have them to be able to communicate with others or to keep track of what is going on in your everyday life.

Students will find that there are apps that they need for college. This includes Track Your Strides, Evernote, and Mint. We need these and some more than others.


Netflix is the No. 1 streaming video service in the world, and it is not surprising that this would be one of the most popular apps for people to download as well. Users can watch their favorite movies and television shows and the network has even created their own programming as well.  They have come a long way from their origins.

What has made this app more popular than ever is the pandemic. While Covid-19 has hurt many businesses and websites, it has been a boon for Netflix. Customers are spending countless hours on the app binge watching shows and movie series and this has sent the site soaring in terms of popularity.

Online Slots

Many apps are necessary for work or for relationships, but others help to pass the time or to give you things to do which you enjoy. For example, online slots for Filipino players recommended by gives users a large assortment of casino style games that they can enjoy, and this is just the beginning.

With casinos closed across the globe, people still wanted to gamble and there was little in the form of live sports as well. That has turned consumers to online casino style gambling and sites offering slot machines have done especially well.

These sites have done incredibly well but for reasons beyond what you may think. The most important of these is that they have offered great welcome bonuses and loyalty programs that have enticed customers to play. They offer secure connections to transfer money into accounts and getting started on these sites is easier than ever.

There is also the fact that these slot machine games offer great themes that many can relate to. There are themed slot machines surrounding movies, superheroes, video games, music, and much more. These kinds of things capture the interest of consumers and add to the enjoyment of playing.


Tik-Tok is an extremely popular app for creating short videos set to your favorite music or artist. You can make a video of you lip-syncing your favorite song or dancing to a particular artist’s performance.

This is your chance to be a rock star and make your own video. Plus, you can alter the videos in clever ways to accent them and make them even more fun to do and watch. The app is quickly becoming one of the most popular on the market as the average user spends about 52 minutes a day using it.


For those who enjoy music streaming services, Spotify is becoming the most popular on the market. They are constantly making upgrades to improve the experience for users, but not in a way that leaves consumers confused or aggravated.

There are ad-supported free options that are available, or customers can pay for the ad-free version. Both offer the same great music, streaming quality, and music share capabilities. With the paid version, you can even download songs for later listening when you are unable to stream, like if you are on an airplane.

This app is now available in the Philippines and over 60 countries in total. It has nearly 160 million active users, and why not. With a library of over 35 million songs, it has become the place to find the music you want to hear.

Digital Wallets

Digital wallets have become the perfect choice for making payments, receiving money, or for sending money to friends and family members. These have been around for some time, but the rise of digital currencies and the fact that most retailers accept payments from digital wallets is making their popularity greater than ever.

There are many options that come as part of the smartphone you may be using, like GooglePay, AndroidPay, and ApplePay, plus traditional options such as PayPal. This is becoming a type of app you simply must have.

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