Third placer of the previous Premier League Campaign and current Europa League Titleholders, Chelsea travel to Manchester City’s Etihad stadium with probably one goal in mind: getting a draw.

There seems no stopping Manchester City at the moment in the Premier League. City just have way too much firepower for most of their opponents thus far, and specially now, given that Chelsea are coming off a frustrating game against West Ham United and while Manchester City’s form is top notch, it seems impossible to see through a win for Chelsea at the Etihad later this evening.

You never really know in football though, do you? Chelsea is lead by the great tactician we all know well, Jose Mourinho. Chelsea will probably look forward to defend as good as they can and hit Manchester City with deadly counter attacks to be lead by Belgian Winger Eden Hazard.

I still don’t see Chelsea end up as winners in this outing, but I do wish them well (for the sake of Arsenal maintaining first place.)

My heart tells me that Chelsea will rob Manchester City of the 3 points they would deserve… but my mind tells me that Chelsea should be more than happy with a 2-2 draw and a point to take back to Stamford Bridge.