The mystery in regards to the starters for the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon games is a mystery no more. The Starters for Pokemon Sun and Moon have finally been revealed, along with a release date on top of that.

The upcoming Sun and Moon games marks the third set of games to be available for the 3DS platform. As can be seen in the video below, the cover art for Pokemon Sun and Moon does not indicate any requirement for you to own the new 3DS models that have been released last year. This is a good sign, and was also expected given that Pokemon isn’t as taxing on the CPU and GPU compared to other graphics heavy games released on the system. Hopefully, they will stick with this decision.

As usual, the types remain Grass, Fire and Water. For their first form, both the Water and Fire starters are single-type, while the Grass starter, as suspected by circulating images of the Pokemon, will be of Grass/Flying type.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is slated for a worldwide release this coming November 18, 2016. Omega Ruby and Alpha Saphire had been released last year on November 21, 2015.

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