I have been an advocate of financial literacy for quite some time now. I sincerely believe that there is a good chunk of the Filipino workforce that is financially able to sustain a living, but lack the knowledge and information in regards to financial literacy. It's of utmost importance that people of all walks of life become more educated with handling finances.

Of the millions of middle-classed Filipinos, only a tiny portion are aware of the significance an Insurance plan can have on your future (especially as you close in on your retirement). As such, it is great that a company like Sun Life is very active and aggressive in promoting solutions that help uplift and secure our fellow Filipino.


The beauty in all of this is that Sun Life is not just helping their clientele succeed and excel in life, but Financial Advisers are well compensated as well. Being a Sun Life Financial Advisor comes with a very promising career because aside from helping other people succeed with their financial management needs, you get to enjoy your own flexible working hours, working space,  travel perks and much more rewarding compensations.

From the recently hosted Sun Life Live Brighter Forum at the Pinnacle Hotel in Davao City, last March 17, 2018, we learned from various veteran financial advisors about their hardships and struggles in the past and how they managed to find a perfect work-life balance that's not just rewarding, but suits their lifestyle. This is the kind of flexibility that Sun Life offers all those who wish to become part of their team.

Are you interested? Follow the steps below.

1. Join a Live Brighter Forum
2. Attend Interviews and take the Personality Orientation Profile Screen Test
3. Take the Licensing Exam at the Insurance Commission
4. Finish the Sun Life Training Course
5. Complete the contracting and coding process.

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