Philippines #1 Fastfood Chain, and Filipino Children’s Favorite “Bee” strikes back. Jollibee and his friends won’t just keep your tummy filled with your favorite meals at Jollibee, but he’s now going to keep you entertained and excited every Saturday morning when you tune in to the Jollibee Jollitown Kids Show Season 6!

Pinoy Teens was present during the Jollibee: Jollitown Kids Show premier at their Jollibee Buhangin (Davao City) Branch about a week ago. It was quite an exciting event for me, because Jollibee has always been my go-to fast-food chain here in Davao when it comes to quick meals and affordable food for the hungry tummy. I still remember the first time I had Jollibee with my Cousin at their Gaisano Mall of Davao branch dating well, a handful of years back… Anyways, let’s proceed.

The Jollibee Jollitown Kids Show may sound familiar to you already, specially those who do have kids, because it has just started its 6th season last weekend. The Jollitown Kids Show provides an avenue for children to enjoy their Saturday Mornings with Jollibee and his crew. It’s not just about watching them on TV, but easy to understand concepts about say for example, friendship (which the pilot episode was all about) will be introduced to the children watching. It’s not all about fun, but learning valuable lessons that the children can apply and take advantage from in real life.

Jollitown Kids Show usually features the complete cast of Jollibee and his friends from Jollitown, making it not only a time of learning important concepts the easy way for the kids, but also having a good time with their favorite Jollibee character. May that be Hetty, Twirlie, Yum, or Jollibee himself among a few others.

If you are interested to have your Kids – or if you yourself – are interested in a nostalgic getaway flashback with the Jollitown Characters you grew up with, feel free to watch the Jollibee: Jollitown Kids Show every Saturday Morning starting 8:30AM on GMA.

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