Heroes & Castles was one of the best game releases last January – and it might even be worth a shot as the Game of the Year.

Editors Note: Please excuse this subpar review, it’s my first attempt at writing one, and this one is definitely going to be edited in the future. :p

It’s one of those few games that mixes different game genres perfectly into one amazing (mobile) gaming experience. Part Action-RPG, part Strategy and part Castle Defense, Foursaken Media’s Heroes & Castles is going to immerse you into one epic battle like never before.

Since it’s initial release on January 16, the game has seen a handful of updates, adding new content that can be unlocked just by playing through – and as well as new heroes to play with.

You are to choose 1 of 3 Heroes when you first boot the game. Each Hero comes with different skill sets and is suitable for a different game style. There’s the Paladin, for example who’s best played with Support you can Summon by saving up resources. There’s the Knight, that can tank enemies and dish out some decent amount of damage, and there’s the Engineer who plays best with using buildings and towers early on in the game and provides an impenetrable defence for a few seconds.

In recent game updates, there have also been the addition of other Heroes like the Archer, Assassin, and a couple more.

Let’s have a look at the gameplay:

To wrap it up, Heroes and Castles was game of the year material since it’s release, and now, thanks to the frequent updates that have added even more content to the game, it’s one of the top contenders to become Game of The Year. It’s a must have for anyone who’s even remotely interested in action-RPG, Castle Defense and Strategy Games to play on ther iOS devices.

Gameplay: 5/5
Replay Value: 4.5/5
Cost/Time Value: 5/5
Game Design: 4.5/5
Sound: 4/5
Overall Package: 5/5

Use of In-App Purchase: The Use of iAP is purely optional and mostly just for the impatient ones to unlock content early on. You can earn the currency, crystals, at a decent rate in game and each play through the Campaign’s various levels doesn’t feel like grinding with the many choices of Heroes that you have at your disposal. (5/5)

Personal Verdict: It’s one of my favorite games that has been released this year, and is near the top of the list of my all-time favorite games for the iOS platform. Even if you’re on the fence of buying this game, don’t be. You won’t regret it, promise. (X Factor: 5/5)

The game comes with a Paid Version, with the 3 standard heroes unlocked by default, and with a free version where you are to pick at one of the 3 standard heroes to start your game and then unlock the other heroes through earning crystals.