It just could not get anymore thrilling than the La Liga this year in European football. Atletico Madrid win the La Liga title after a thrilling draw in Barcelona!

FC Barcelona needed a win to ensure the title would fall in their hands, but Atletico thought otherwise. The game looked to be in favor for FC Barcelona from the get go, with both Diego Costa and Turan being subbed out of the game very early on due to injury – add to that the first half goal, a wonder goal, even, that gave the Catalans the lead.

Atletico Madrid holds off Barcelona

Atletico Madrid managed to score early on in the second half, which meant that the title would head to the Spanish capital once more. Atletico did well enough defensively to keep the score that way and ensure that, even with a draw, they’d end up top of the La Liga.

Congratulations, Atletico Madrid. You deserved this title! It was great to see such an epic conclusion to a European top league, given that the Bundesliga and the French league have been no-brainers, while the Premier League wasn’t really as exciting as this.

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