Weddings are lovely. They are the time for joy and union. But that day can cost you a huge chunk of your life’s earnings. Honestly, no one made it a rule of thumb that you need to have a grand wedding. You can tie the knot in church and have brunch with your close friends and family. With that said, following we are going to give you some tips for how to save on your wedding!

  • Don’t Fall into the Wedding Trap

Do you know why the Wedding Industry is lucrative? It’s because everyone wants their wedding to stand out from others, and therefore they invest heavily in these things:

  • Wedding Venue
  • Food and Beverages
  • Wedding Cake
  • Dresses

Yes, wedding dresses and location are important. But you don’t need to invest your whole fortune on them. If you are having a beach wedding, be careful about the venue. Beaches are usually windy. Pick a cove, or an area shielded from the wind.

Beaches are hot and cold, depending on weather and time. If you are marrying in summer, wear something light. If you are marrying in winter, then you better pick a church.

As for the dress, forgetfull gowns, and skirts. Instead, go for sand friendly dresses and casual beach wear. There are many options available when it comes to Beach Wedding Dresses.  So be savvy, you don’t need to invest a fortune into these petty details.

  • Keep the Guestlist Short

When planning the wedding and budget, you must consider the list of invitees. Decide how many people are going to attend your big day. Beaches don’t need permits for small budget informal events. But you better check with the authorities to be safe.

Plan a small and customize guest list, invite people who won’t only let you have an intimate experience to cherish, but will also help to keep the costs down.

  • Restrict Open Bar

Everyone will drink more if they know the alcohol being served is for free. Limit it only to serve beer and wine during the reception. You can also try some tropical cocktails. It will help you cut down the costs of your wedding.

  • Avoid an Expensive “Wedding” Cake

Wedding cakes and wedding dresses end up costing a lot of money. So instead of paying a hefty sum, why don’t you try something different? Try cupcakes! It will help cut down the cost of your wedding. Not to mention, people will carry it on their way out to savor them for later.

  • Lighten the Invitation Board

When you consider how to plan a beach wedding, you have to skip standard printed wedding invitations, reception cards, and envelopes.  As you are having a nontraditional wedding, why don’t you send invitations by email and invite your guests online? Many websites offer RSVP online at affordable rates.

  • Make a Budget Beforehand

Just because you plan an affordable wedding, it doesn’t mean it can’t be romantic. Just stick to our tips to have a great wedding without breaking your bank. Just because you are planning on having an affordable wedding, it doesn’t mean you sacrifice the grandeur.