I was one of the lucky thousands who were able to watch the sequel of Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz to A Very Special Love, entitled You Changed My Life; last February 25, 2009. (it is past twelve now, as I write) And I have to say that it was much better than I have expected and it is a fantastic movie, not only does the movie showcases the best out of Sarah and John Lloyd’s pairing, but as well as the money that it has made on it’s first day, which is said to be 14,000,000 Pesos (14M Pesos)[1. namaes of sarahgeronimo.com.].

I thought about writing a review about You Changed My Life but decided not to publish the post just yet, to keep you thrilled about the movie and make you watch it by yourself first. I know, it won’t pretty much look like a Movie Review then, if you would come back and read it after watching it, but please feel free to support Sarah Geronimo and You Changed My Life today! It’s definitely a must see blockbuster and the best post-Valentines movie out there, beating the competition When I Met You, by 4,000,000 Pesos (4M Pesos) for it’s opening day[2. namaes of sarahgeronimo.com.] if my sources do not stand corrected.