I stumbled upon one very neat website that is related to WordPress once again, just like most of the websites I’m registered to are. But this time it’s something so noticeable that I would like to share it with all of you. For those who have been having problems with their WordPress installation and/or are looking for additional hacks that you could make use of, you could go ahead and ask the chief cook of WP Recipes to cook you one, or, maybe by looking around you find something on their already awesome and continuously extending menu.

Aside from the knowledge that you can gain about WordPress, aside the hacks and tricks that could make your blog stand out and helps you to customize it from header to footer, you can win some great Christmas Present for yourself and for your blog.

WP Recipes together with Cats Who Code are giving away 3 premium WordPress Themes this holiday season, for just simply writing about them. I’m not only writing about the website because of the contest (it’s just like a little incentive and chance to win something), but I really had something in mind to share to you, to all of you. As I am soon to open a WordPress sub domain on our domain here and share you some of the informative recipes over the WPRECIPE site.

But, why wait until we’ve got our own menu established when everything you want is already given to you over and WP Recipes? You can just so subscribe to their blog and avail of a special discount coupon if in case you believe that their premium theme is worth purchasing. 😀