Did you ever had that bad experience about commenting on a blog that requires you to login, signup and do other hassle causing stuff? Well.. Or, was there a time when you would like to get notified about follow-up comments regarding a specific topic that you like, but where unable to do so because you cannot find any subscription button?

I believe that all of us, bloggers have times when we post not so interesting articles, and some times come up with great headlines that can make the comments come. But, are you sure you’re ready for that time? If not, then check your plugin list against ours and see what we have that you still need.

  • Subscribe to comments – A clean alternative, which I recommend every blog to have. This plugin opens the ability for commentors to keep track on follow up comments to the article they have subscribed, also enabling them to unsubscribe anytime they wish.
  • WP-Gravtar – Know your comment writers with this plugin, if they have a gravatar account, then you can see the gravatar they have uploaded there. It’s always a little plus and builds a personal relationship between you, the writer and the comment writer.
  • WP-Threaded Comments – Keep the discussion going! This plugin allows to reply to another comment inside that comment they have replied to, so you won’t have to scroll all the way down to see new comments. This is also a good way for commentors to interact with each other. Plus, with the recent updates, you also have the option now to apply the power of AJAX to this plugin, enabling to quote/reply to other comments without refreshing the article page; which is really a plus if you ask me.
  • Meet your commentors – This is a plugin that not everyone knows about, and which I also am not likely to share because I feel special to be one of those who are using this XD. This plugin enables you to show other blogs, twitter account, myspace, friendster, technorati and other social network profiles that are associated with your commentors email address on file.
  • Top Commentors – give your comment writers a little tributte and link back to their website, with this plugin, you are giving away 10 back links to the top 10 commentors of your blog, this is really additional motivation for them to comment on your blog.
  • Comment Luv – you can give away an instant back link to your commentors blog, but not just a blog link, but a link to their most recent article on the blog url that they have added while commenting. This is one of the plugins that I personally, really love.
  • Comment License – It’s like a little add-on disclaimer for the commentors, you can write rules for commenting there or other stuff that you would like to emphasize before the people start adding comments.

So, that is a little list of useful commenting plugins for WordPress, enjoy and have time using them 🙂 If there are any problems with any of the listed plugins, kindly inform us. Oh, and besides, comments are welcome, just add them below 🙂

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