There are a lot of ways and means to get your images live online. People recommended me that I should keep all pictures stored on my web blog and upload them here, but I said, nah nah; not with me.

Although, I do have this glimpse feeling that they are right, but who really knows? If you don’t understand what I mean, then don’t mind it. It’s something SEO related that not everyone wants to know about. Instead, let’s hop over to the WordPress Flickr Plugins that can really help you out in connecting your flickr account and your WordPress blog.

I know, and you good know that Flickr is one very awesome service. I have FlickrPRO with them and that’s one of the main reasons why I store all my pictures, even my pictures on my local machine with them. Besides, it also takes off a lot of load in terms of bandwidth and storage which I would waste each time I’ll be uploading a picture here to this blog. While at the other end, my friends are correct somehow, that the traffic which could’ve been mine when people search for images is now going to My only hope now would be that people will click the link that I’m leaving in every image description that I have there.

Now, having decided that flickr shall host all my images that I’ll be using on this blog and my other blogs and my upcoming photoblog, I had to look for an alternative solution to get my images into my posts and pages the fastest and most convenient way. It took me a little time but, it was worth lurking for these plugins on the net.

First candidate that I’ve found (which I’ve found some months ago already) is the Flickr RSS, what this plugin does is quite simple. It allows to display your pictures on the sidebar via widgets or via the code so that you can go and show off your flickr images to all. That’s the plugin that I’m using at the front page of Pinoy Teens (refer to Featured Photos)

The second of the 3 plugins then would be the WP FLICKR Plugin, which is quite a simple plugin that adds aWP Flickr Plugin Screenshot new option to your WordPress’ Write Page wherein you simply have to click on any image of your recent photostream which then will be inserted to the post/page of yours. Though it’s the most fastest solution of all, it doesn’t add a link to the original photo source, which is the one and only catch of this plugin.

The last, but not the least, it’s even the best; is the Flickr Photo Gallery Plugin. It’s quite a little fancy option, but still the best out there, based on my search. This plugin adds a little media button to your write page which functions just like Image media button, just that it works the flickr way. It gives you total control of the output of your images whether to link back to the original source on flickr or to link to a custom url. It’s all up to you.

With any of these WordPress Flickr Plugins, you’ll gonna have a hell less trouble with your Flickr account and your WordPress installation. Could you imagine that it could’ve been that easy to insert a flickr image to your posts and pages?

Enjoy Photoblogging!