Finally, I’ve felt a bit worried already because I don’t know how to register for WordCamp Philippines 2008, until I checked the official site of WordCamp Philippines 2008 with a new post about the registration.

Being a WordPress User, attending such an event is must. Not only because it’s about the software itself, but because of all the people that I’ll be meeting there, from beginners to the experts in their respective fields of, SEO, XHTML, PHP, CSS and more within the Philippines and the people who will fly in from other countries, including Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress.

It won’t harm if you keep on extending your network of friends and aquaintances all over the world, but somehow, it’ll be of benefit to you.

The whole event is brought to you by the following sponsors (if I only would have the money I would’ve been one of them)

And, is as well as made possible by the Mindanao Bloggers.