So the first chapter of a two leg journey into the depths of WordPress has ended for me. WordCamp Philippines, Davao is over. For all of you who don’t know what a WordCamp is. A WordCamp is some sort of gathering wherein bloggers, big or small, pro or amateur come together and discuss their favorite and only blogging tool, WordPress. WordCamp is one of the most excellent events where you can discuss about things that all of you have in common, socialize, exchange links, learn from others, and have fun.

It was quite unexpected that there would be a WordCamp Philippines. It was even more unexpected to have an Mini WordCamp here in Davao City, how much more would I have expected the presence of Matt Mullenweg in our midst? Yep, he was there, accompanying us, answering a couple of questions regarding WordPress, personal stuff, BBpress and BuddyPress.

I was quite tensed, that I would not know anyone on the said occasion and would stand by as a loner. Luckily an Atenean going by the name Jonathan Vincent arrived ahead of me and was able to accomodate my social needs of communicating about whatever topic. Some of his friends then followed.

Food was good, and again something unexpected as it was all for free 😀 After eating and waiting for ourKevin Paquet and Matt Mullenweg star, Matt Mullenweg, the program kicked off. With Bloggie introducing some of his blogs, and a guy (sorry can’t think of the name) from dabawegnu introducing their Open Source Organization.

I also came to introduce myself and a bit about Pinoy Teens Online, I was quite unprepared though. But well, the effort was good enough that I’ve bagged a WordCamp shirt for absolutely, zero cost. I was also able to get a picture with Matt. Now, speaking about Matt Mullenweg.

There have been quite a lot of questions been asked. Regarding WordPress as CMS, and some personal questions. One of his sayings that really strucked me was: “The more I give away for free, the more I receive in return.” What he means by that is OpenSource. Good to hear that WordPress will always be free as long as he lives :p

After the question and answer, I then started socializing with some people around me. I eventually met a guy, Lyle who has “hatid” me home. There was also a guy going by the name Charles whom I was able to help out getting his AdSense to work and helping upgrading his WordPress Blog.

I even came to meet iceman9, one of my Yahoo! Messenger Buddies. With all this fun that I had and the social communication, I hope that WordCamp St Benilde will be of equal fruitful memories and moments with fellow bloggers. Let’s see what’ll happen in Manila!

That will be all for now, I’ll not be able to drop back tomorrow (for my EC droppers), because I’ll be attending WordCamp Philippines at St Benilde.

Hope you do still come and drop on me guys!