I have always had this problem, the online world and the offline world that frequently meet each other on my daily schedule and make a mess around it. It just happened a while ago that the impact of this collision has exceeded the limit of the patience and the torment that I can carry on at one time. My father won’t stop talking about school and continues to argue about school every day, especially when we’re at public places like let’s say KFC where we spend our dinner time 5 out of 7 times in the week. He keeps talking about school as if he’s so worried about it, he never stops and would even go on rougher if I’d please him to keep shut. It annoys me so much and makes me feel smaller than I’m even thinking about myself.

Aside from my father who is bothering me every dinner, I can’t proceed with my nightly schedule of researching, reading and writing articles for the next couple of days, that’s due to one girl with whom I frequently talk to using this service called UNYT of Globe. I love talking to her, there’s nothing wrong about it, but as much as I love to talk with her, I need to get my ass straight up and get posts out and that’s something that I barely manage to do whenever we’re engaged in KULIT-ing each other.

I’m stretched on both ends and I don’t know whether I should choose to be the online type of guy or get a life in real. There’s too much at stake from both aspects and when I don’t come to manage my time better I end up with nothing productive which is the present by-product of this mind bugging confusion. I would love to repeat the success that I had with one of the big articles on this blog, but it’s the most improbable thing to happen right now based on the effort and dedication I have been exerting towards this work of mine on my blogs.

There have been times when I really felt like giving up this online blogging and let my presence on the internet drown like the titanic, but I can’t. I’m still bugged and don’t know what to do from this day on. I’m trying to discipline myself to write articles for my SEO Blog, but apparently I’ve lost my bearings succeeding yet another project that drains in water. 🙁

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