Rappler did what very few had expected. They stepped down a whole new level from how low they have already been. Tarnished as a #PRESStitute and biased media outlet favoring the oligarchs, Liberal Party and Aquino allies, Rappler proved once more that these allegations may behold truth.

While we welcome freedom of speech and respect(ed) Rappler’s journalistic ethics back in the day. There’s no excuse for what they have recently published despite their soft apology for that distasteful write up.

Their write up reads:

“Those born in the year of the dog are said to be faithful and loyal. They’re also intenseful (sic) defensive with friends and family. Says a lot about dogs MOCHA USON BLOG, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre, and Senator Alan Peter Cayetano.”

Rappler's Highly Unprofessional Writeup

Rappler’s Highly Unprofessional Writeup

La Salle Professor Antonio Contreras said…

No decent publication claiming to be a legitimate source of news run by people claiming to be veteran journalists would dare put up something like this.
Maybe it is true that Rappler has been turned into a trolling center. For there is nothing more appropriate to describe it with this post.

We hope that Rappler will issue a more sincere and decent apology aside from that little Facebook status that they have dedicated to this issue. With this, I’m encouraging all readers of Pinoy Teens to #UnfollowRappler if you haven’t already. These kind of so-called professional journalists don’t deserve any audience. At all.

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