A phenomenom has packed the whole Philippines and the whole Asian side of the Globe by a great “happy impact”, the heavens from above smiled upon us here in the east, while the United States and other western nation will see the inverted symbol.

The planets Jupiter and Venus closed in along with the earth’s only lone satellite, which we know as our moon forming a smile. It’s not that often that we see heaven smiling upon us.
The news spread first via a news site from Australia earlier and took the whole world wide web by a charge, in a positive way, well, in a positive way for the people around us here in the Philippines and the Philippine Blogoshpere side of things.

It’s a phenomenon to occur only once in 48 years and a lot of us are lucky to witness this event; especially on the first of December of this Holiday Month.

From the heavens point of view:


Moon on the Right;  Jupiter on the Top Left; Venus on the Bottom Left

Moon on the Right; Jupiter on the Top Left; Venus on the Bottom Left

It must have been an awesome view from above the sky, but let’s get back to the grund and see this smiling moon phenomenon from the human point of view instead.

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