The second Studying Tip post is brought to us by one of my favorite peeps on Facebook. Let’s just call her Vannie though, okay?

Studying is a vital part of a student’s life. (Common Sense, really.) That’s why we thought it would be helpful to open up a small study tips section on Pinoy Teens where we, along with contributions of our readers and friends will share some tips that you guys can easily apply to your life – may you be in High School or College, or whatever. If you have an own suggestion, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away.

First off, Vannie considers herself as a quite studious gal, so listen (fine, read) carefully what she has to say.

Being as studious as she is, she isn’t that picky about the environment she’s in for studying. You can check Alex’s post for that. Vannie loves to do the following things while studying: Eating, listening music and rewriting important information. Based on her firsthand experience, you turn out to keep those vital information in your head better, if you rewrite them a few times.

Use flashcards to remember those important terms

Aside from rewriting important notes from the lesson she studies, Vannie also utilizes flashcards during her studying sessions. You can’t go wrong with flashcards for keeping in mind those very important terminologies that might end up on your next exam’s questionnaire.

When is the best time to study?

Many students end up burning the midnight oil very late into the night, thinking that they remember more things that way for the exam that will take place the next day. Aside from feeling drowsy and all the next morning, it’s not THAT effective.

She believes that you should go to bed early and scan a few notes beforehand… so that you can get up early in the morning and run over those notes, and other necessary learning material again. Of course, let’s not forget the classic last minute review before exams. But at best, let’s try to avoid that by properly managing our time and allocating some time for studying before the exams close in.

What can you say about Vannie’s methods/ideas for studying? Do you agree with her? If you’ve got some tips of your own to share, please feel free to let us know.