TV5 Official Statement on “Willing Willie” revealed that the network will temporarily replace Willie Revillame’s show with “Primetime Super Sine” and “Magic? Gimik!” in the timeslot supposedly alloted to the primetime entertainment gag.

Not too long ago, Willie Revillame, host of TV5’s primetime entertainment show, Willing Willie got involved in intrigues and issues about a 6 year old boy macho dancing in his show. We won’t go back to that issue anymore, but move on with TV5 Official Statement about “Willing Willie” as it reads below:

TV5, with the cooperation of Mr. Willie Revilame and WilProductions, Inc., has decided to stop the airing of the Willing Willie show for a period of 2 weeks starting April 11, 2011.

During this period, TV5 will dialogue and work with the MTRCB, KBP, PANA and other stakeholders to come up with appropriate guidelines that will apply to all networks and the entire industry with respect to the participation or use of children in talent, game and reality shows for television. TV5 will also complete the improvement of its internal guidelines and processes to achieve the same end.

Furthermore, the network will work with Mr. Willie Revillame and WilProductions, Inc. in order to improve the program and ensure that it will continue to bring fun and entertainment to its many loyal viewers.

TV5 reiterates its commitment to responsible broadcasting and vows to continuously enhance its programs as its way of serving the public and thanking its viewers for their unceasing support, trust and patronage.

Beginning Monday, April 11, TV5 will show “Primetime Super Sine” and “Magic? Gimik!” in the “Willing Willie” timeslot.

TV5 Official Statement: Temporary removal of Willing Willie

We will release our perspective about the issue raised against Willie Revillame and the 6 year old Macho Dancer issue on later. We are in the belief that the [temporary] removal of Willing Willie may somehow affect the rating of TV5 for the timeslot it has occupied, all we can hope that the shows “Primetime Super Sine” and “Magic? Gimik!” can live up to the expectations of the people that used to watch Willie Revillame’s entertainment show, and, at best, capture audience beyond that niche as well.

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