Is this still normal? I mean, she is only a 14-year-aged girl. You can blame her for being still young and childish but Big Brother himself has said that he doesn’t want to hear excuses such as that anymore. Well, the way that Tricia Santos has been acting the past couple of weeks, or should I say from the very start of Teen Clash until this very minute isn’t normal; but rather unorthodox for a girl of her age. You can always leave excuses like there are teenagers of her same age who act worse. The point here is, she’s on national television and it’s there for everyone to see–not only in the Philippines but also for the people all around the world who availed of the live stream service for Teen Clash.

One of the latest issues here is Tricia making moves on Jovic who is the replacement for Eslove who got evicted for pointing a knife against Tricia (an act forbidden in the house). I really don’t get why there are still people defending this little girl and insisting that she is just being friendly. I wonder why she’s only friendly to good-looking people or to mostly guys in general?  I doubt that I can consider her being friendly to the other female housemates especially if we recall the incident where Tricia dissed Fretzie for not being good in English.

I can assure all pro-Tricias that not even 90% of all the haters are hating her because of insecurity but for other valid reasons. It even looks like Fretzie makes Tricia insecure because Fretzie has the guts and the good character as well.

P.S. Wake up guys. We are Filipinos. We are still somehow a country that is conservative in tradition. If you like Tricia for being flirty and agressive, magsolo kayo dyan. Nakakahiya. Ano ba? Gusto niya patunayan na malandi ang Filipina?