Dumb. Dumber. Sotto. Tito Sotto, who has caused a huge uproar with all the issues ranging from degrading online writers saying “why should I quote a blogger, it’s just a blogger”, plagiarism, lies and indirectly admitting he plagiarized a blogger by saying plagiarism is not a criminal offence in the Philippines and exercising self-pity for being the first Senator in the Philippines to be cyber-bullied (in your dreams) – guess what? Presents his most stupid action yet.

For those few blessed from not yet knowing the latest Sotto-stupidity – I’m (not) proud to present yet another odd action taken by our dear Philippine Senator.

Tito Sotto translates Robert Kennedy Speech

I thought Sotto would have learned his lesson from his recent incidents – well he did, somehow. That’s why, instead of copying text from another person (thanks to his inability to create something on his own) word by word, he decided to have his staff (I’m sure his staff made it, I doubt he could do that on his own) translate a speech by Robert F. Kennedy into Tagalog.

And guess what? It’s a pretty obvious – if not word by word but presenting exactly the same thoughts – translation of the speech by Robert F. Kennedy.

Tito Sotto copies speech of Robert Kennedy

Tito Sotto copies speech of Robert Kennedy

What are your thoughts about Tito Sotto plagiarizing and translating the speech of Robert Kennedy to Tagalog? Sotto’s initial reaction to the issue according to Twitter was: “Ha! Tagalog na pala si Kenendy ngayon.”

My reaction: “Ha! Hindi kami bobo. Nakaka-insulto ang pangogopya at pag-angkin mo ng ideya ng iba. Pde ba, alis ka na dyan sa Senado? Even a High School Graduate who was half-serious with his or her education would be doing a better job at the Senate than you.

Update: Sabi ni Sotto, according to TV Patrol, tinext raw sakanya ang speech. LOL! Maniwala.