I have been able to witness the audition first hand, so therefore, I conclude that I have some very important tips that may significantly increase your chances in making it to the big brother house this April. Without any further ado, here’s what I have to say.

Audition Tips for PBB Teen Edition

  • Be early, not on time. You need to be very early, to be able to make it. It may sound crazy, but if possible, be there a day ahead of schedule, a lot of people in Davao did so. But they forgot to…
  • Bring your snacks. You need them. You may not have really, ever been very hungry, but once the back starts squeezing and pushing, it will cost you a lot of energy. Maybe you will be lucky enough, and early enough to avoid the bastards who know nothing better but be a nuisance for the people in front, still, bring your snacks, and money to buy lunch – you’ll never know.
  • Be prepared for anything. He might ask you a question or ask you to act out something. Be prepared for either. You’ve got only one shot to standout from the crowd, and I mean one shot only – else all what you will hear is “thank you, next.”
  • For Group Acting – DO WHATEVER YOU F*CKING CAN TO STAND OUT. Be crazy, but not really totally crazy, act the given tasks in a way like no other does in your group. This applies mostly for late comers who are going to have a group acting session by 20.
  • For Questions – Be honest, keen and sincere with your answers. There’s no need to cry, but if you can’t help yourself, go on. Just don’t push yourself to cry, old style na ‘yon. The key to the house lies in your mouth, and utilize everything that your mind processes well through your mouth. Honesty is the best policy here, lying won’t help you, too.
  • Befriend other people. If in case you don’t make it, no problem. You have won already, a handful of people, of which one could be the next PBB Big Winner. Don’t forget to ask for a treat later on after the season!

Do you still have any other tips that you would like to share with us? Well, this is all that I can think of right now. I hope that I have helped you out, somehow! Good luck to all who wpbbish and still have the chance to be part of Clash of 2010!