A lot may not have noticed, but I’m truly an avid fan of Elegant Themes, one of the available premium WordPress theme sites out there. And it really rocks. I’m a bit bored and thought about writing down ten reasons why I love Elegant Themes, and why you should love them as well. Don’t you worry, I won’t leave you with affiliate links that will earn me money, you can hop over to elegantthemes.com and see for yourself how the beauty of design and reasonable pricing meets each other.

Elegant Themes Panel

Nick, the designer in house at eThemes has been providing quality WordPress designs that caters various bloggers needs, from personal themes down to the business designs, he has got everything, and also something for you. Though, we’ve tried to make use of one of his latest designs, it fails to convert revenue unlike this type of darker design does, which left me with no choice but return to the old dark look that’s been on this blog for over an year now.

But before I start talking too much, let’s head to the three reasons why I love Elegant Themes!

  • The price is cheap. And it’s true. over a dozen of WordPress themes for just a shade below 20 bucks? Plus a year of support? You’ve got to be kidding me!
  • The Support Is Awesome. I’ve tried to ask help a couple of times to get some tweaking done on a few of the themes that I have used, and heck, the response time is pretty neat and the replies are keenly addressed to help me solve my problems.
  • They’ve got (almost) everything. Personal designs to the professional layouts, there’s everything in store, also for you. [1. Just no theme that increases the revenue.]

That sums everything up. You can’t ask for more, but for Support, affordable prices, and a variety of designs to choose from. The designs provided along with the support are way more worth than the under the shade of twenty bucks, but I hope, I really hope the price will stay that way.