The odds are great when it comes to a small person like me–trying to make any impact in my country, when I barely can do something for my local community. I always wondered how a little unimportant voice could be heard by people around him, or eventually by the world until I realized one thing that not only I have noted, but also by thousand of other youths from South East Asia.

There are times when it takes more people in line with your concerns and interests to be heard by others. Yet it takes even more people to get people of higher authority help you out with your concerns and interests. But, it takes even more people, actually, everyone to achieve something, that we here are trying to achieve, which is change. Positive change to be exact, change that would please not only the majority, but all of the people.

The day we’ve all said Yes to change marks a big day for all the people in South East Asia, a step that means progress and enhancement in our region because we are in charge, the said future of the planet and of our respective countries, we, the youth of the South East.

It’s always special to note events that are driven by the younger people of the ages like ours, because whatever we do comes from the heart, and is as much as possible not manipulated by the brainwashing of politicians and the elderly people of our respective nations. The Youth of today looks dedicated for change, not only within the national walls we live in, but in our region, and eventually in the world, but how do we achieve this?

For me, what I care most about is ourselves, how we change ourselves, our lifestyle, our attitude and how we look at life and the people around us. We can’t move on and change the face of the world, when we can’t change our very own unique worlds that we live in. Problems are everywhere, even within your direct family, and if you can’t cope with them, how will you cope and carry the load of the world?

I care most about how the young ones look at themselves, what they are thinking about the future, and what they want for their future. I think, the best step forward to insert positive change in our present day communities is by informing the generation even younger than ours about it and getting them involved in activities for change.

I’m not saying that we’re not in the need of the guidance of elderly people, like the World Leaders that come together this Youth Engagement Summit, but I guess it’s time that we’ll get a first hand experience about how to deal with change and make it really happen.

Because if we’ll never do, if we’ll never truly understand the meaning, importance and purpose of introducing positive change in our countries, then there’s no really essence and importance to saying YES to change.

Let’s all start by changing ourselves, before we point at other people. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll get step closer at a peaceful and greener world.