The Value of Education

One of the most common ideologies abounding among Filipino Teens is the focus on the importance of education. Early on during the elementary years, children already have a purpose in life. When asked what they want to be when they grow up, they often choose big professions. When they reach high school, these teens strive hard to achieve what they want to be in life. With the influence of parents and the society in general, it is the hope of a Filipino teen to get a degree and get a good job afterwards.

Sadly, there are some teens, especially those who live in provinces, do not have this opportunity unlike the others who are more fortunate in life. Still, they show resiliency at its best. They still know how to smile despite the pains, and do what they can to find fun in life.


Special Traits

Visiting the Philippines would mean greeting a lot of happy faces, cheerful giggles, loud voices and hard laughs. These are the things that you would most likely see in public places. One of the best traits of the Filipino teens is the ability to carry a smile, despite having some troubles within. This jolly personality is what amazes most foreigners. These people are generally light on things. They hate making things complicated. Still, it does not mean that they do not do their best to find solutions to their problems. This only shows that they have a strong personality that enables them to think good while fighting the hard fight of their lives.

Filipino Teens are also technologically inclined. As a matter of fact, Philippines is where SMS or text messages first had a foundation. Almost all Filipino teens are aware of how to use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. In fact, almost all have their own accounts. Everybody knows how to use the Internet and find useful information, such as searching for whatever information you can think of, reading online casino reviews from all over the world, and many other things. They also use the Internet for school, and many other purposes.