This years beating boys NU Bulldogs are off track facing Blue and White Ateneo de Manila in the first match of this very Sunday Showdown, July 27th for the 21st Game of the 71st Season of UAAP Men’s Basketball.

In 2007, it was NU who messed up the straight-forward objective of Ateneo de Manila who were about to go for twice to beat advantage over the UE Red Warriors. It was them who defeated the Blues 96-88 in UAAP 70’s last match to upset all Ateneans in and out of the Archipelago. Will the Bulldogs repeat the impossible?

Ateneo de Manila is definitely a different team this year, stronger, more competitive; shall it be defensive or in the offensive field. The 3 tower, Baclao, Ryan and Rabah won’t for sure, let the Bulldogs take away the clean sheet which they’re currently holding.

With all this said, and the criticism thrown in favor of the Jesuits of Ateneo. It’s still not a day-off game for the Blues, based on last years unexpected victory of the Bulldogs. Will Ateneo hit the 5th successive victory in UAAP 70? Or shall they feel a bitter loss this year around? Well, it’s still the first round, and the unexpected victory took place in the 2nd round. But who knows?

For all I know, ANIMO ATENEO!