I saw so much potential in Pinoy Teens during the recent weeks.. yet it has all but faded bit by bit. People got busy again, and the man who runs the show got himself entangled inside a limbo. This site has so much potential and is very promising. It covers a very unique niche and stands at a very unique place amidst many as we speak. It has always been like this.

Even before, a lot of people got interested to hook up with Pinoy Teens, either contributor, partner up or invite us for events. Pinoy Teens was doing incredibly well in 2008 and 2009. Specifically midway through 2009. What has slowed us down aside from academics? Is it just pure laziness? Lost of heart and desire to go on? What?

What I have noticed with Kevin is that who ever he has hooked up with at any point has great impact on how his online carrer drives on. We just talked on the phone a while ago as he shared his sad dreams about one particular person. The way he described the dream, and everything else around it, I strongly believe that, that particular person has been missing all months long. 🙁

Indeed, their relationship was placed midway 2009 and did not last long. Yet it was during that short period where he excelled and laid down the foundation that led to his successful stint at the YES 2009 and other events. Pinoy Teens was slowly but surely moving up anyways, if we’d have to set aside that relationship… but it truly was during that time span when he got that enthusiasm, excitement and dedication again.. and it really showed not only in his writing but in the way he worked behind the scene.

Princess (Quin) saw it coming all along. She knew that the relationship would not last long. We tried to stop him, but who can stop a guy in love so deeply and sincerely with someone? Princess knew that, over time, the relationship he has had with that girl would only stifle him and slow him down. It would leave broken pieces inside him, remnants of the emotions the two have shared..

I know well that Kevin loves Pinoy Teens, writing and managing this website… It’s hard to understand though, why his actions seem limited and dull.

What now?

The lesson that we can take out of this is, sometimes, passion and love for whatever hobby or work you have just won’t cut it… sometimes, you need a lasting inspiration, probably a person who will drive you on, someone, or something that makes you enjoy your work more and appreciates you.

That’s one of the reasons why I told the tear jerking boy to send her an email.. I’d bet on it that if she replies, even if just in a neutral tone, it will drive Pinoy Teens up again.. quickly.

Stay tuned for coming raffles for those who subscribed via email. So make sure that you won’t unsubscribe from our circle! Also, what are your thoughts about what I have shared with you? Is love and dedication for your work not enough? Do you also need external inspiration to help you get things done?