We have been quiet for way too long. The blog has fallen way too deep into a slump. It’s almost as if we, Izy Mae, Princess Kaye and Georg Kevin have no other choice but to keep the momentum going and continue right there where we left off… a blog in the process of being one of Philippines’ premiere ones.

No doubt, Pinoy Teens is the first and only to make its mark as a blog purely written by Teenagers of Filipino blood. No doubt, we were one of the most visited weblogs in 2008 and 2009. But what happened in 2010 and half way through the present year? Nothing, well, not much at least.

I see it as a great challenge personally to start working on the blog again. It takes a lot of effort to get a blog back on its feet rather than starting a new one… It’s mainly because of the expectations that people who know us have set. These people know that Pinoy Teens used to be a place for excellent information, critical thinking and often times, harsh and truthful opinions about certain issues all around. But that was the nature of Pinoy Teens, that was the characteristic that brought us success.

Kevin is scared trying to build this blog on his own, because he has failed so many times throughout the last couple of months trying so, that’s why he gave us a poke, asking us to board the Pinoy Teens ship once more.

First things first, I want to thank Aira Lheiz for the overall appealing look. Her logo really stands out and makes the website look really cute. It nailed the sweet spot in my opinion. Not too light, yet not too dull either.

Second, I want to thank everyone who has ever contributed to the blog. Ever. All the past contributors, Anna, Shing, and all the other people who helped us get by month after month.

Third, of course, the Loyalists, the Pioneers. I know that a handful of you are still out there who have been with us from the very moment we started our forum in 2007 until this very day, awaiting our long overdue return to the scene.

Blogs were not that popular during our days… It’s going to be a tough challenge for us to join the elite of todays blogging scene… but sooner or later, we will get there! With what? With… PinoyTeens.Net.

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