The International 8’s first Group Stage Day has just concluded, and we’ve got a handful of surprises in store for you in terms of the result.

The biggest highlight, albeit a sharing the spoils with 1 win apiece was Fnatic trashing defending champions Team Liquid 39-1 with the titleholders calling GG around the 31st minute mark after a team swipe. The series, as noted, ended with both teams taking one win in their BO2 encounter.

Filipino Pride TNC managed to come back after losing 2-0 to Newbee by beating Vici Gaming 2-0 as well, ensuring a mid placement in their groupings. Biggest surprise for Group B so far is how well Team Serenity is coping with the pressure, taking games off rampant Virtus Pro and Team Secret.

You can check our twitter for the exact results again here.

At any rate, here’s how the groupings look so far, courtesy of @TNCPredator’s Twitter account.

As much as VGJ Thunder is sucking dick right now, is as dominant as their counterpart VGJ Storm is doing in Group B. The SEA teams are currently safely tucked away in the middle of the park, with Fnatic still having a chance to close in on Evil Geniuses’ record, given that they have played a series less than the leaders.

Teams that are expected to make up ground are definitely PSG.LGD, and OG for Group A, while there’s been a lot more expected from Team Secret and Optic Gaming, albeit the latter has only played one series yet. Vici Gaming on the other hand, is rock bottom in Group B.

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