Eviction Night is knocking on the door again. The tragic eviction that happened last Saturday still remains in memory for a lot of people, especially for the RONATICS who still try to figure out on how to carry their weary emotions. Robi thought to volunteer exit, but luckily, he didn’t continued his plan. At least there’s someone now to cheer about and support for the big win.

But, is he really saved from eviction tonight? Who knows. Our prediction says, that Robi will be saved in flying colors tonight, his competition The Cebuana Chiq and the Dazzling Doll ain’t beat him, for sure. But, who of the 2 girls will join him as one of the saved people for this eviction night?

There have been a lot of Nicole supporters throughout the show, I saw the number incline rapidly, and decrease rapidly too. A lot may like her, but a lot don’t like her, and that’s a very fact. Valerie has been neutral throughout, so have been her fans; I actually didn’t noticed that she has a lot of fans, could be only because her fans are preferring to stay silent. Well, it can only be one of the two who will leave the house, and according to sources, Valerie leads the voting by 2% or now even more (we do not verify our source as correct, it may or may not be). It’s a close battle between the two. But who will win? And who will loose?

I have a little contest here for you guys, especially for the globe subscribers.

Guess who among the 2 will be evicted and win 15PHP free load from us! All you need to do is add your cellular number to your comment [don’t worry, once we come to read your comment, we will edit it and remove your mobile number).

Help us predict who will not be evicted from the house. If your prediction is correct, then you are one of those who could win some free credits today!