I almost forgot that the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus Big 4, namely Robi Domingo, Ejay Falcon, Nicole Uysiuseng and Beauty Gonzales are going to hit Davao City’s NCCC Mall today. I don’t know what time that’s why I’m posting this because IPBB Teen Edition Plus want to ask you guys. Just leave a comment below.

To all Dabawenyos who are reading this one, if possible, could we all coordinate so that we all could go there together? I can facilitate us a digital camera for imaging purposes as well as I could provide a banner (not sure though) since I gonna need to make one still (for Robi), since the only available banner here at hand is dedicated for the Ronatics.

So, please, whoever goes to NCCC Mall today and/or knows what time the show will start, leave a comment below. If you are interested in meeting me there or want that we shall coordinate as a group at the said mall, you can leave your contact details like cellular number of land line below, so that I may contact you asap. (don’t worry, I will not publish your contact details on the blog, comments are moderated only I can see them until I accept them).