I wouldn’t mind other peoples’ business, but it has reached the point when I just have to share my thoughts about the **issue** that’s going on at Facebook.

## Who are you, Jamich?

Seriously. You act like the two of you are *super duper popular*, like you have gazillions of followers, like you’re oh so perfect, et al. You shouldn’t act that way. Even (real) celebrities prefer to stay level headed with their fans and followers. You are just ordinary people like the rest of us, you’re nothing special.

Yes, I know, you want to stand above your fans and above the people who follow you – you want to be in control and you are in dire need of money. You want to act like you are that popular couple next door that everyone should pay attention to. I give it to you, people have been paying attention to you, but not because your famous, specially not because of your talents – because I’m pretty sure you have none – but because of how ignorant even your fans are.

I’m not saying that I do, but from what I know is, there’s something you should be good at in order to become famous and *act* like you’re famous. Yet the only thing that I can see you do well is make up stories, act boastful and ignorant.

### Screen Age

I don’t think that using a *screen age* is all too common. Specially here in the local showbiz scene, I doubt that I can cite even more than a handful of celebrities that go by such. You may have brushed off this monkey from your shoulders, but people who have been very watchful and observant these last few days know better.

Yes, a video of yours came out in which it was very detailed laid down how you fooled all of those who love**d** you.

If people hadn’t been observant about it and followed through and through, *malamang walang “The Answer” video na nagaganap*. For you it may not have been a big deal, but for everybody else, it is.

### It’s business.

Well yes, the entertainment industry exists *not only to entertain people* but also to profit from it. I don’t see the point why you had to say this – it may be a business to you, but the poor fans who believe in you see it this way: “*ang cute niyo”. It really sucks to be one of them now.

### To the fans
I don’t know why you still believe them or why you still like them. Don’t get me wrong! I respect that since it’s your choice, not mine. One thing that nags me about you guys though is how you react to those who *hate* your dear *celebrity-couple*.

Haters will never go away, that’s a given. All of us are hated by someone else out there.

Try to see things from the point of view of a hater. I’m sure that haters would be left at minimal and that none of them would mind stirring up this issue had they (Jamich) not committed such mistakes.

> *Aminin niyo na, dumadami ang mga di-gusto ng Jamich after their lie on national television*.

Don’t say that those who dislike Jamich have no reason to, because I’m sure that they’ve got lots of reason to hate them – specially nowadays. Don’t take it personal. *Hindi naman ikaw ang inaaway, eh.*

Instead of using *God’s name in vain* and using clichés such as *tao lang sila, nagkakamali din* or *insecure lang kayo mga haters*, try to accept their feedback and reflect on what they have to say. You could pretty much consider me as one of those people who dislike them, but I’m definitely NOT insecure. Of course they are just human to make mistakes, but such blatant lie and that very @#%#$& video… eh?

### To sum it up.

I could go on and on ranting about them, or particularly just about the “The Answer” video that they created, but I try to leave it with this last part.

This goes out to all of you: Ask yourself, what’s the point of the video “The Answer”? To me, it just looks like they are trying to control the damage AND are not even sorry for what they have done. If they were, they would have titled it “The Apology” or something.

*Sobra-sobrang paliwanagan* with all those *kunwari ganito, kunwari ganiyan*. I know a lot of fans can be twisted by your words – knowing that they already favor you – but I don’t think it works so well for the *general public*. Not only haters, but other people who didn’t mind you before start to go against you. If you want to say sorry about something, then just say you are sorry. Do it sincerely. The video you published showed nothing about sincerity but showed at best how *feeling celebrities* you two are.

The more you need to explain something, the more guiltier you look IMO.

Fine Print: I have yet to see a single result on Google about “celebrities with screen age”, because absolutely none pops up. If there are any celebrities that go by a screen age, then I’m sure it’s very limited. All celebrities I know of in movies I watch have their age shown somewhere (IMDB and Wikipedia). It’s obvious na ginagawa niyo lang palusot na may nag-suggest na gumamit kayo ng screen age.

#### Opinions from People on Youtube:

Summary para sa mga bobong Jejefans:
Ano naitulong ng Jamich sa buhay niyo? Tingin niyo, real life relationships are AS PERFECT as they PRETEND to be? WHAT VALUABLE LESSON can youth of today take away from Jamich? NONE!