It is no secret that Pinoy Teens is flushing down the stream once again, continuously, without even a single positive sign to end the burden that I have experienced the past three months, and intensively witnessing the past month and a half, it’s no wonder, why Pinoy Teens is under this SEO drought and I think that it has its reasons, the reasons that I’ll be sharing in the realizations that I have made.

Ten Thoughts why I have this SEO Curse

At first, I can’t barely come to think why I have this blessing in disguise and how it could affect my blogging, I know I’m lazy to do a lot of stuff but I surely have to change my style

  1. I need to blog hop more often to have other blogs
  2. I need to use my 45,000 and growing entrecredits
  3. I should start my so-called Social Media Marketing and do it more extesively
  4. I should not rely on (Google) Search Engine Visitors only
  5. There’s more to money than the (dominant but still #1) Adsense
  6. I need to get back to the ground and do things that I have done before. which includes..
  7. Just writing.
  8. Writing.
  9. and writing.
  10. I should not worry about visitors not finding my site, but find visitors to see my site.

Search Engine Optimization does you only good when you play well (especially in Google), but if you don’t what will you do? Many people just rely on the visitors from the search engines, and it is very reasonable when you get around 4,000+ visitors on average just because of these people finding your sites through search engines, but what if; one day you’re gone, pulled out, removed or penalized by the Search Engines?

You can’t make Google your bread and butter

You can’t actually make any search engine your bread and butter! You should do what a blogger at first does, visiting other blogs, socializing with people, promoting their content on social networks and social media sites, looking for new ways to gain related back links for their website and the likes. You can’t just write, hit publish and hope for the best every time. I know that fairly well from my own experience when I had to extend my off-site optimization for the Manny Pacquiao post that has earned me 16,000 pesos in just a day and a half.

It doesn’t means your nothing

When you do not do well in search engines, it doesn’t mean that you are not interesting to people, it’s just that people can’t find you and that is why you have to reach out to them, a good start doing so would be befriending other bloggers link to their related articles and discuss them on their site, make them get hooked to your content and have them as your friends. Having a friend or two like these comment on your post always boosts your confidence because you know that there are people who are interested in reading your content, so if these people are, then why not the thousand others?

Search Engine Optimization should only be the secondary pick of yours, bloggers need to engage with the online community, just like bloggers engage in national events through their blogs, you can’t expect everyone to find you among the many competition that you have, you need to do something to stand out, and that is taking that extra mile to reach your visitors. Outsource the SEO to real experts like YEAH! Local, technology moves fast, if you haven’t made it your specialty, you should probably consider outsourcing it.

It’s not a big realization but it is a vital one and a good sign to get it back on track, don’t you think?

Adsense, oh dear adsense.

When you start having visitors who also blog, you cannot hope that these people will ever gonna click on any ad on your website. And you can’t do a thing about it. It just depends on you, if you’re greedy for the money or if you would like people to get informed and find your site useful; rather than clicking away on an ad which appears more interesting to them. Truly, I’d rather have strangers from search engines click an ad than people indirectly looking up your site from incoming links. It’s shameful to think, that these people were referred by other sites, and clicked to you because they believe you are interesting, only to know that they clicked away to read some advert that is more of their taste.